Tuesday, June 5, 2012

in another world

Benny watched Keith all in a tizzy. He should have been on his way to work, but here he was tarrying, waiting for Fergie to make her presence, and to see how she was around Simon, as if he were the key to everything about how Fergie worked.

Benny assured Keith he'd report everything to him. He needed to go. Finally, he did.

He offered Simon some breakfast.

"You want me to see if she's still asleep?" Benny finally asked. Simon only shrugged and ate his scrambled eggs and bacon.

Benny was doing his best to get on with things. Yet a part of him wondered how Spencer was really doing. He guessed Spencer got back with Noah. Although, he didn't like the idea. A part of him was sick of the idea that he'd somehow let Spencer slipped through his fingers.

Why didn't he know Spencer had feelings for him, so long ago? He hated himself for not thinking more of him. Why was he this kind of person? He wanted to blame it on his mother. She was so cold. Now he noticed how cold Fergie was too. Was it in their nature to not give a damn about anyone? He knew his mother meant well. She'd laid down the law to them early on, from potty training to having a spotless house. But there was never any spontaneity in their lives. Do good in school. Obey the law. Have successful lives. That was it in a nutshell.

Evidently, Fergie had some fun along the way.

Benny walked down the hall and knocked on Fergie's door. Nothing. It was as if she weren't even here. He walked in. It was dark. He switched on the light. He awoke her bitterly.

"What the hell?" Her angry wince tightened as she rose up on her elbows.

"Get up." He ordered.

"What for?" It was summer. She didn't have summer school she told him. Her grades were good.

"You have company." He hugged himself.

"They let Trev out?" She smiled as if possibly she wasn't an iceberg, after all.

"No. Its Simon." Benny was even lipped. He noticed it was an immediate let down.

"Oh. Well, I do have that doctor's appointment in a few hours." She shrugged.

"Doctor's appointment? Why didn't you tell us?" Benny glared at her then.

"Its no big deal. Just a check up." She got up to go to the bathroom then.

Benny waited. He shook his head.

"You, better be nice to this Simon." Benny couldn't help to be a bit peeved with her. "Going out of his way, to help you. He's probably in love with you and you treat him like shit, don't  you?" He thought of how he was around Spencer when they used to hang out. "You, better start thinking about his feelings. Because he's here for you. He looks like the type who'd always be here for you."

"Shut up, already." She scowled.

"No, you better start looking around you. Be thankful, we are doing all of this for you. Don't, take us for granted." Benny glared at her. He could see himself in her. "You, have to stop being so..so..angry. You'll regret it, some day. You will. Just be nice to Simon. OK?"

She grimaced back at him as she pulled out some fresh things to wear after her shower. She looked up at him as if he were crazy. As if it wasn't in her being to be nice to anyone. Except, maybe Trevor.

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