Sunday, June 17, 2012

unfortunately so

Sarah supposed she wasn't as bad off as she thought she was, but she didn't want to make Jake sick. Soon enough, they saw someone at the grocery store who gave her a prescription at the little clinic. She held on to the little bag of medication now. Sage got them Slushies at the deli.

"Sorry, I could have drove myself." Sarah felt a little bad about over reacting. It seemed as of late she jumped to conclusions quickly. "You, think Spencer is OK with Jake?"

"I'm sure they are OK." Sage assured her as they got back in the car.

"Well, if that's so. How about we look at houses?" Sarah decided she'd have to be OK with Spencer and Jake together.

"Houses?" Sage looked at her as if that was a weird thing to go shopping for.

"Yeah, I'm thinking we should move out." Sarah meant Ezra and Jake, too.

"Oh." Sage asked where she wanted to go.

"Don't look so sad. We can't all live in that house. We'll drive each other nuts." Sarah told her.

"I thought.." Sage winced. She finally spoke of her brother, and how she wished she could get custody of him so he could come live with them.

"See, a very good reason for Ezra and me to move out." Sarah thought the timing was perfect.

"But, but I don't think any lawyer or pleading is gonna give me my brother." Sage held on to the wheel of the car as she made a left at the light which was in the opposite direction to where Spencer lived.

"You, have to try. You never know." Sarah shrugged. She didn't want Sage to give up, especially on family. They drove toward the new development.

Sarah smiled at the progress made in the wooded area, but just across the street was a very old house that looked as if it might need to be torn down.

"Don't tell me that is the one ,you, are interested in?" Sage looked at Sarah.

"No." Sarah cracked up. "That's the place Ezra wants." But she looked back at the new houses with empty brown lawns. "We are definitely getting something that is not a money pit."

Would it be so awful to find the house she wanted? Of course, she had a dad who would co-sign, and of course, there was the inheritance from her real father she could use. Only, she didn't really want to. After all, Casey was the one who deserved it, and she knew his so called grandmother (who was actually her real grandmother) would want it that way.


Cafe Fashionista said...

What an exciting time! :)

ellie said...

I hope it works out for Sarah and Ezra, and with Sage and her brother, too.

caitlin and megan said...

looks like new beginnings in the works.

Sara said...

Lots of big decisions to be made here!