Friday, June 15, 2012

if you say so

Simon was staring at his phone. Fergie wished she had one as nice. Imagine, if this could be Simon's baby, she thought then. She could be at his house, and his family could take care of everything.

She knew she didn't want it that way. Besides, she couldn't imagine ever kissing Simon, anyway. She sighed as they waited for the doctor, who had an emergency.

Fergie leaned back in her chair and thought of Trevor being here instead of Simon. She knew he wouldn't be sitting idle, racing his finger over his iPhone screen. Besides, Trevor never had a phone. If only, they could have stayed connected. If he'd had a phone? If she could have stopped all his recklessness.

Suddenly, she was caught off by the tears. It would have never worked at her mother's house. She would forbid it. She and Trevor never had sex in a bed. Fergie nursed her bottom lip as her fingers spread across the top of her baby bum. She stretched her neck back as if she might be a bird of some kind, wounded, bloated and maybe even dying.

Her back was stiff. She got up to move around. To shake off the thought she might become paralyzed from the wait.

"Are, you, all right?" Simon jumped up, as he reached in his messenger bag for a juice pouch.

Fergie wasn't particularly hungry but took it anyway. She noticed Benny's glare then.

"Thanks." She said ever so indifferently.

"Want to go to a movie after we're done here?" Simon was wide-eye with a silly look.

"I guess so." She didn't really want to be seen with him, but at least he was offering.

Finally, the nurse called her name. Benny got up as if he was personally going to make sure she made it to the exam room.

"I don't want people thinking my cousin knocked me." She pursed her lips as if she didn't like him making every move with her.

"I will tell him what I'm here for." Benny winced.

Fergie winced back with a tawdry smile as if she could care less what Benny said to the doctor.


Gianella Peralta said...

What are you here for then, Benny?

caitlin and megan said...

Fergie is gonna have to grow up.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a hard time for them all. :/

ellie said...

She's a little wicked. But maybe she's listening to Benny.