Saturday, July 7, 2012

bang bang

Seeing Em at the house party was an instant flashback for Spencer. She was the last person he expected to see. Although, she'd been to his house before, to see Gage. He wasn't there at the time.

"Weren't you in a girl gang?" He thought when he saw her that night.

"No." Em festered a frown. "Why does everyone think that?"

"Um, you did a lot of hair pulling, if I remember correctly. All those girl fights in the hall." Yeah, it was coming back to him. He couldn't  help but smile. It was funny though.. how it didn't click, Em being Gage's friend. Protector, perhaps. They talked about that for a few minutes.

"Well, you never protected me." He told her as if this conversation was dead in the water. He seemed to extinguish everything lately when it came to people. Perhaps, he just needed to be alone. But she only smiled as if it were an invitation of some kind. Before he knew it, he was telling her about his falling out with Noah. How, he'd never gotten in a fight with anyone. Next thing he knew she was asking him if he wanted to go shopping with her, some time. "Retail therapy."

So here they were at the outlet mall, and he didn't get why she'd been so coy with Manny at the party. He saw how Manny tried to talk to her, but then again Manny was tackling a toddler. Spencer even helped out with his little daughter, giving Manny a chance to talk to Em, but she gave him the cold shoulder.

"Why would you do that? I mean, I'd tap into that..if..well..he's adorable with an adorable kid." Granted, it might be an instant family, but Spence knew Manny liked her.

"I dunno." She kind of scowled as she was looking through strapless sundresses that were on sale. "Suppose, it did happen, but later just fizzled. Then what? He's got a kid. And I'd hate for that to be the only reason I like him." She told them they sort of had a history. "I was kind of mean to him in high school, because he was so damn hot, and he was never there for Gage. He just wasn't."

"You know, he's not like that now." Spencer reminded her. It felt good to talk about someone's problems and not his own.

"I know." She winced. "But what if he still sees me, just like you did."

"I highly doubt that." Spence looked at her with his eyes wide open. Suddenly, he got the bright idea. They should all three go out.


meg said...

This will be an interesting combination.

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I'd like to see where this leads. :/

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I'm very interested what will be then. :)

Brooke said...

Huh, I dunno what this might turn into..=)

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