Monday, July 9, 2012

call me, maybe

Sarah hadn't seen Nina in forever. It was like she was in hiding. Suddenly it donned on Sarah why Casey was with Nina. He was a boob guy.

"You haven't had that baby ,yet?" Sarah smiled as if she might laugh. Nina was huge.

"Any day now." Nina was in fact over due.

"Well, you better rest up." Sarah advised. The heat of the party did nothing for Nina's pale complexion. They'd spent most of it together in Spencer's livingroom. It was as if they were making up for lost time. It seemed Nina didn't have any pregnant nor Mommie friends to share her burden with.

Sarah kept smiling. This pregnancy stuff was good to talk about. Sure, there was Lucy, but she was different than most. Sort of like a skinny bird that was still oh so skinny, who was becoming Todd's twin.

Sarah mentioned how she and Ezra were hoping to move out soon. "We need to find a house." It was a done deal with her parents. They were going to help.

"Really?" Nina told her about the houses that were for sale in her neighborhood. "Maybe I could help."

"Yeah, well, you'll have to talk Ezra into it." Ezra was still not excited about them moving out.

Suddenly, Nina was her cheerleader when Ezra came in to check up on the baby, wondering if Sarah wanted some outdoor time.

"You would love our neighborhood." Nina told him how it wasn't all that far from where Sarah worked. It was a straight shot from the church. "It so up and coming, you know." Her smile was endearing, maybe even flirty.

Ezra finally said it wouldn't hurt for them to look. Sarah hoped they could find a place there. Also, she wanted to be close to Casey. After all, he was family to her. If her Dad wasn't going to reach out to him like he should, she knew she must. And she felt as if she might could be friends with Nina, too.


Sara said...

Oh wow. I like that they are getting along though. This seems like a good thing.

ellie said...

Yeah, they need to try to be friends.

Brooke said...

This could be nice.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm glad to see that all of them are growing so close. :)