Sunday, July 1, 2012

kind of a plan

"The plan is to have a cookout over at Spencer's." Declan informed River as he was finishing up the dishes while River went off to the livingroom to check on his laptop.

"For what?" River squinted back at him as he slid out the burned CD.

"The 4th." Declan almost laughed as River snarled a scowl.

"Could we play some of this?" He smiled.

"What is it?" Declan asked, thinking maybe there would be live music. There was word the band might be getting together, just for a practice. Not a real show.

"French tunes." River explained it was part of his way of immersing his classes into French with music.

"But..its an American holiday." Declan looked at him as if no one really wanted to listen to that playlist on the 4th.

"As if they'll be singing AMERICAN WOMAN." River slipped the CD in a sleeve and put it in his messenger bag, ready for school.

"Well..." Declan doubted that song would be played by the band, "You could suggest it. You never know." Declan went to put a plate away.

River followed him to the kitchen with a silly, but possibly sly grin.

"I don't really want to listen to American Woman." River told him. "You sure, Spence is even up for a party?"

"What do you mean?" Declan winced then as he leaned on the kitchen counter.

"Evidently, he's on the outs with Noah." River told him.

"Noah?" Declan wondered what happened.

"It doesn't matter. I'm sure Spence will find some one, you know. Maybe even for the 4th." River closed in for a kiss. It was all the more difficult for Declan to think if he knew anyone at work who might be interested in meeting Spencer.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Maybe they should leave Spencer up to his own devices in the romance department. :/

Linda said...

Best to let Spencer alone for awhile.

ellie said...

I can't imagine French music going over for the 4th.