Tuesday, July 3, 2012

summertime sadness

Em wasn't  sure what Cory was asking.

"So?" Cory was being goofy. And at work. All she could give him was a wince. She looked around to make sure the other co-workers were where they were suppose to be. In the heat of the garage. Was this just Cory's way of cooling off? He went to the water cooler to get a cool papercup of water. "Manny? Remember him?"

Em stayed mute. She was certain the timing was all wrong with Manny. Maybe. It was hard to say. She didn't want to rush into anything.

"What about him?" She glared at him.

"Just wondering? You know, is it gonna be a bad thing if..if you came..to this cookout, over at Spencer's, and..and he was there?" Cory shrugged as if it were no big deal. Maybe she had plans already, he guessed. He drank up his water and went for more, as if he were waiting for her to decide.

"OK, I'll go? But..who's Spencer?" She winced as she went back to check something on her computer.

"Oh.." Cory kind of laughed. "I..I just figured you knew him. Sorry. I've known, Spence, like day one..it seems. Uh, we're in a band and we practice in his basement." He reminded her she'd been there. Gage lived there.

"I guess I'll have to listen to you guys play. And meet Spencer." Em smiled with a shrug as if her 4th planned its self out. This way, she would have an excuse when her sister called to ask her to come over.

"Don't expect much. He's Gage's ex-boyfriend." Cory nodded, as he went back to work.

"I see." She guessed that was cool. But she thought of Manny though as she went back to typing information she was supposed to be working on. It would be nice to see him, again.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Somewhat of an awkward situation, if you ask me. :/

ellie said...

So quirky.

Sara said...

Hrmm. I think I would like to see this interaction :)