Sunday, July 15, 2012

a room of his own

Trevor couldn't explain it, but there was this itch on his ankle. For a bit he thought he might be allergic to the material they used for the bracelet to keep him under house arrest. Of course, he didn't have time to contemplate what sort of metal nor plastic that was used. Soon he was listening to what he could and could not go.

Trevor almost smiled, but he kept holding back, thinking someone would realize they were working on the wrong case with the wrong kid. When he got locked up, they made him feel he might be locked up for life.

He'd shot up trash cans at a school. What kind of monster was he? He did his best to keep calm, looking over at his sister from time to time thinking she was just so little. It didn't seem possible she could get this started and even finished.

Finally, they were out of there. Trevor hoped they'd stop at Sonic for a mustard burger, tots and of course a blue Slushie, but they passed right by. Guess, he deserved that. Might be against the rules. He supposed.

Soon enough, they were parked in Spencer's driveway. He grabbed his backpack and followed her downstairs where he'd be staying.

"Now, its just temporary." Gage was there. He and Ezra were putting on the finishing touches of his little corner. They'd put in some sky blue lockers as a wall in the interior of the room. "Found these at an estate sale. They were selling an old high school."

Trevor had never seen a room quite like it.

"Do you read?" Ezra asked. He'd unpacked a box of old books. Most of it was Hardy Boys mysteries.

Trevor shrugged, kind of smiled. He didn't really read. Exactly. He sort of knew. Well, enough to get by. It was never a priority. He might could read on a third grade level. Ezra handed him THE TOWER TREASURE.

"Got the first one in the set." He smiled. "My Mom read them to me until I could start reading them on my own. I gotta say, it was nice to read, especially before bed."

Trevor nodded as he took it.

"I feel like I'm at school, already, you know." Trevor looked around. It was great to have his own space. Maybe it wasn't much to some, but he was grateful to have it. He could hardly wait to lay on the bed. Be in peace. He went straight to the first page. Maybe he'd like the book. He wanted to.

"Come on upstairs." Sage called from the kitchen. "There's an all MEAT EATER's pizza here, with your name on it, Trev."

He sighed. She was going to surprise him, after all. Trevor should have figured as much as he raced upstairs.

There was pizza, and even Fergie. Trevor bit his bottom lip, to keep from smiling too much.

"Here's a cake for all the birthdays I've missed with." Sage put her arm around him. Trevor stared at the WELCOME HOME sheet cake. It was chocolate and store bought and covered in lit candles.

He was overwhelmed with tears. When he hugged Sage, he didn't want to let go.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm glad they're trying to make Trevor feel at home. :)

Ewelina said...

thanks for this post, it's great.

ellie said...

Sounds like a very cool start with him. I liked that about the Hardy Boys.

MOSAMUSE said...

nice writing! and i really like ur character names btw! sage, ezra...personal favs :)
happy monday!

Sara said...

AWWW! What a special day :)