Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

Ezra was skeptical, but he told Sage not to worry.

"I bet your brother will be moving in, in no time." He told her. She hoped it would happen. The 4th was great. Trevor definitely didn't try to run. Instead, he chilled. Watch Cartoon Network and ate as much as possible. She hoped he didn't think it was this way all the time.

Sage had a plan. She'd talked it over at the grocery store, about getting him a job. It wouldn't be a significant job. He'd have to start at the bottom. Not just a stock boy, but the guy who went out in the parking lot and picked up carts. Even cleaned the parking lot. In the winter he'd be shoveling snow. She knew it would be rough. At least, he'd have a home.

Yet, the hard part was figuring out just where that home would be in the house. She'd talked plenty a night about maybe they should be the ones moving out, finding their own place. But Sarah kept talking about moving out too, with the baby and Ezra. It didn't seem it would happen anytime soon. Yet plans for releasing Trevor to her custody were coming fast. There was a shortage of space where Trevor was staying. If she'd take him, they'd find a way to work it out. After all, he'd been a model teen prisoner as of late. No one would have even imagined him ever doing anything bad. Besides, he'd be wearing that ankle bracelet.

"We have the basement. There is room." Gage reminded her they'd made their space a home. "We can do that for Trevor, too." Gage promised it would be just temporary. There was a bed in the other corner of the basement. Ezra slept there when Sage first got there.

"But it looks like something from a work house." She didn't like it. Just a cot and nothing cozy.

So Gage and Ezra got to work. They repainted some shelves from a flee market and invented a space in the opposite end of the basement for Trevor. The space what big enough for a bed and desk. Sage found a mattress topper on sale to help the old mattress. She did her best to find the colors he liked. She hoped he still like hunter green. With a chest of drawers and a place to hang clothes, she supposed it might look more like a walk in closet, but it would have to do until Sarah and Ezra moved out.

Anyway, Friday the 13th was the day Trevor was coming home.


Sara said...

Lots of work to be done :)

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amazing post.

FWB said...

Hopefully, this 13th will be a good one.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Hopefully good luck awaits Trevor's arrival. :)

meg said...

Definitely a new beginning.