Thursday, July 19, 2012

Still Wide Awake

For a moment there, Spencer thought they might be learning how to do a dance number for a bollywood movie, but it ended up being just good old zumba.

"I wasn't ready for this," Spencer took a deep breath as they managed to get off the club dance floor. "What are they trying to do to us?" He could see Em wasn't really in any better shape than he was. But she was tough in these rope wedges of hers. Still this looked like one Tiger Lily that was starting to wilt.

"I dunno. It was fun." She smiled as she checked her purse for money to buy a drink. She was out of breath. He told her to put her money away. He would get them drinks. "Something fruity and creamy, with no alcohol." He promised.

He was glad they hadn't dwelt on old times back in high school, nor past loves and exes. This was much better, just get out there and move with the music.

"So do you think Manny would go for this place?" Spencer asked when he got back with the tall frozen drinks that were thick as milk shakes.

Em only grinned. She said she doubted it.

"We'll bring him next time." Spencer thought they should at least invite him. He wanted to this time, but she backed out last minute.

"I don't want to give him ...any ideas." She tried to talk over the loud pulsing music.

"What?" He thought they were taking a breather. He was beginning to think they might need to just go somewhere quiet to talk.

"No, he likes you." Spencer got closer to talk in Em's ear.

"You're just saying that." She didn't believe him. Of course, her eye-liner was smudged and her hair sweaty. Spencer supposed she wouldn't want Manny to see her this way.

"I think you're best bet is to be as natural as possible with him." He squinted as his words shouted. Yet it felt as nothing was coming out of his mouth.

It might look like a club, dark, with a lit dance floor, but as he looked around..they might as well have been down at the Y taking Zumba 101.

"What?" She winced back as if none of his tips for dating Manny were even heard. Spencer nursed on his drink.

Maybe they really weren't the club scene, anymore.

"Do you do yoga?" He yelled over the music.

"Yoga?" She nodded.

"We should try a class then." He guessed it wouldn't hurt. She probably wouldn't want Manny to go to yoga, either. Suddenly, it bothered Spencer that he might see Noah at Yoga as he drank on the smooth yet icy cold drink.

A smile came to him then. Maybe it was time to just set these two up, and be a no show.

He liked doing things with Em, but it made him happier.. planning a list in his head of all the things Em and Manny should be doing. Like cooking class or maybe how to build a dog house.


Ewelina said...

nice writing!
happy Thursday :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Someone is definitely loving the role of matchmaker! :P

Gianella Peralta said...

Oh my gosh, a matchmaker! I love being a matchmaker at times too. Haha!

Sara said...

Aww, I think it's awesome that he is trying to look out for Em, she needs to be set-up with a good guy :)