Saturday, July 21, 2012

it could be nothing

"So, no house yet?" Lucy asked when she met Sarah a the grocery store. They were both buying groceries, and both with babies. Honestly, she never imagined that in her wildest years.

"Not yet." Sarah wasn't like most mothers who kept their baby in the infant car seat. Jake was strapped to her. She looked as if she was a real pro with baby handling, too. "I'm afraid Ezra is going to want to move into his mother's house." She made a face of disgust. "There was some talk about it when he last saw her."

Sarah grabbed a bag of fresh cherries then Lucy sampled some plums that were out for sampling. She let Lux have a taste.

"Did you go over, with him?" Lucy shot her a look that Sarah should never let Ezra see his mother alone.

"I hate that house." Sarah winced, shaking her head no. "One time was way too many times for me." She pushed onward toward the vegetables.

"Does he know how much you hate his mother's house?" Lucy moved on to fetch some greens and yellow squash.

"I want to, but he's so sentimental about the place." She squinted hard. "I dunno why." She shook her head. She cornered Lucy then by the watermelons. Sarah kept her voice low. "What if..if ..she's not even his real mother?"

"What do you mean?" Lucy's face tensed, but she kept close to her cart with Lux.

"I dunno. I shouldn't have said anything, but..its just.. I get this freaky feeling around his mother. Like, like she kidnapped him when he was baby, you know. Maybe..Ezra..isn't even who he thinks he is." Sarah told her.

"I guess that mother instinct is really kicking in." Lucy let out a breath not sure how serious Sarah was about this.

"Maybe..its just..I want something new and our own." Sarah festered a frown. "I don't want somebody else's house. I want our own place."

"I think its time you put your foot down." Lucy smiled, thinking Sarah was the Sarah she remembered, after all.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I don't blame Sarah - what she's saying is true. :/

ellie said...

Hopefully, Ezra will listen to her.

MOSAMUSE said...

love the name Lux.... u have really great character names...but i think i told u that b4 lol
enjoy ur wknd!

mazzy may said...

I hope Sarah straightens it out with Ezra before its too late.

Ewelina said...

new post :)