Sunday, August 12, 2012

Baby makes 3

Finally, the wait was over.

"I never thought it would happen." Nina was exhausted, and as much as she thought had came out of her stomach, there was still a lot of it, from what she could notice, laying in bed.

She hadn't wanted a C section. She didn't care how many times her mother named off how many pop stars had had the proceedure. She didn't want it. Maybe she was vain, but it didn't matter the struggle and the agony.

Nina swore she heard her father say she was an idiot. To him, she was suffering. Why didn't she just want to get it over with?

After a fit of nurses and doctors putting her through the test of pushing the baby in position, it was here. Otherwise, it was a breech baby. Nina had a six pound baby girl. All that trouble for a tiny little thing.

"Well, next time, I guess I should." She shrugged as if she was ready for a prime rib and a German chocolate cake. She was famished at the moment.

"You want there to be a next time?" Casey looked to be scared out of his wits. He looked like the one who needed to crawl in bed. He needed a shower but he was studying the baby too. There in her arms as Nina laid in the hospital bed.

The baby was dark haired with the darkest eyes. It almost looked like an alien, but it was wide eyed and looking at Nina as if she was suppose to do something, yet the baby was patience. Her little skin was so pink, as if it had been through some sort of hell to get here too.

"Well, of course I do." She pulled Casey closer as she reached for him under his chin and felt the stubble on his face. He'd grown a beard during the process of the labor.

He peeled off his sneakers with one foot then the other and laid in bed next to her as if he were in aw of the little one.

"She makes me think of my grandmother." He said first thing.

"You, really shouldn't have said that." Nina murmered. Up until now Nina had only seen Casey in the baby. She had his brow. His lips. She couldn't think the baby was anything like herself.

"Those are your Dad's eyes." Casey said as if that might help. "I love her."

Nina agreed with a smile.

"I know. She's..she's amazing." Nina touched her cheek, but she loved having Casey next to her too. "She looks like a Jessica to me."

"Really?" She didn't think he agreed. "You said if we had a baby girl, her name would be Brittany."

"I know, that's because my mom always wanted me to be a Brittany." Her dad was against it. She was definitely not a Brittany. "But you, always wanted a Jesse. No matter what." She reminded him.

"Yeah." He smiled. "Are you telling me I'm getting my way?" He grinned more. She knew he thought he never got his way.

"Yeah." She couldn't help but smile. The baby was getting hungry. She was starting to squirm.

Nina supposed she was going to have let someone else have their may too.


Cafe Fashionista said...

All cute name choices. :)

ellie said...

I'm glad they are happy. Nina might not be so bad, after all.

caitlin and megan said...

Sweet about the name.

Sara said...

Awww! What a sweet baby! I hope they can handle this one before they have more kids.

MOSAMUSE said...

very cute! i love how the mom is naming pop tars who had c sections lol