Friday, August 10, 2012

into the light

"I decided to take the house." Ezra said on their drive to the place that Sarah wanted him to look over. It was just the two of them. No baby in the back seat to watch over, even if Ezra looked a time or two, just in case. Jake was home with Sage and Gage and three brown paper bags of plums.

 Sage convinced Ezra it was his right, but he thought Sarah might drive into the wrong lane. He knew he should have waited to tell her.

"I know what you're thinking, but ..its an investment." Ezra told her.

"Well, I'm not moving into that" She eyeballed him. He pointed to the road. Their left turn was coming up.

"And neither am I. Sage wants to move into the house." Ezra smiled.

"Sage?" Sarah winced hard as if something was wrong with that girl.

"I think she's in love with the orchard. Maybe the house too." Ezra said thinking how happy he was that someone wanted to live there and love that old house.

"I dunno, Ezra." Sarah shook her head like it was a big mistake.

Ezra didn't want to argue about it. Besides, she was on her way to a new house that she and her Mom looked at online. Hopefully, it was amazing.

It was in a new development. There were playgrounds, a man made lake. It was the place to be.. in this humble town, evidently. And as happy as Sarah was by the neighborhood, it was suddenly depressing to Ezra. It was farther away from the places he worked.

There were somethings he wasn't going to have to let go. No matter what, it would sting deep in his heart, but might have to let her be. Maybe it wasn't time for him to move yet.


mazzy may said...

I hope this won't go bad.

Sara said...

I hate how much they are not understanding each other, they need to talk.

ellie said...

I can understand why he wants to stay put, but I hope he'll reconsider.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I wish they would just communicate with each other! :/

meg said...

I hope they figure it out. So close..yet so far away.

FWB said...

Such a