Wednesday, August 8, 2012

steady as you go

"I never even knew his favorite foods." Ezra's mother looked at Sage point blank as if Ezra wasn't even there.

"All I want to do is pick those plums." She gritted a smile wishing the woman would shut up.

Finally, the thin woman got up in her floral house-dress and went to the kitchen to get them drinks as if they were staying for a while. The house was so dark, yet hot. Sage was in a sweat. She looked at Ezra wanting to tell him they didn't have all day.

"Sorry." Ezra was apologetic. He looked as if he could be ready for a Wednesday night prayer meeting in his tan slacks and plaid camp shirt. He'd just gotten off at the library and had a little time before heading to the grocery store for his next job.

"Its all right, I had a great Aunt that could have been her doppelganger." Sage tried to smile, but she didn't think her Great Aunt ever kept her house this hot in the dead of summer. Sage stood up. "We better get to picking." She'd find that plum tree herself. She went into the kitchen and opened the back door. There was actually a summer breeze that wasn't half bad. She needed air.

"Look, I'll pick the plums, make the jam. I'll even bring you some." Sage went over what the goal was. Not sitting in the livingroom listening to what a strange child Ezra was. She couldn't imagine him being so awful. Why did Ezra have to be so down on him? Sage was Ezra's friend and on his side.

"I don't eat sweets." His mother was holding a tall glace of iced tea that Sage knew was made from a jar of instant lemon and sugared tea.

"Right." Sage should have known. "Let me get to those plums. Then..then I drink the tea." Yet, Sage hesitated to do so.

Ezra was right behind her as they made their way to the thicket of the back yard. Yes, there were plums. Brittle branches dripped with nice round red plums. They were yellow on the inside. Ezra picked a few and handed Sage one to taste.

"These are so sweet." She sighed with a smile. She could hardly wait to see what she could do with them in jam. But there were so many of them.

"We've got a peach tree too." Ezra pointed.

Sage couldn't help but smile. This place was amazing.

"And your mother wants to give you this place?" Sage couldn't help but ask.

"Yeah, but Sarah hates it." He shrugged.

"So, you could take it." Sage saw all the possibilities. "Rent it to Gage and me. Or, maybe we could buy it, from you."

"But, there is so much work." He winced.

"I know. But that's OK. We could do this." Sage wanted the opportunity. And she definitely wanted that peach tree and the plum tree too. Someone needed to take care of this place. Make it new again.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, I hope he accepts! :)

ellie said...

I'm glad someone wants his place.

MOSAMUSE said...

thats cool. i want a place with a peach and plum tree as well :)

MOSAMUSE said...

thats cool. i want a place with a peach and plum tree as well :)

ellie's desk said...

I do like the idea of rejuvenating a place.

Sara said...

It's good to see this side of Sage :)

mazzy may said...

I love Sage's inspiration.