Monday, August 6, 2012

teach me to be human

Trevor was getting pretty good with this price gun. He'd started out as a stockboy. Within a week he'd managed to get himself in the disposable diaper isle. Now he was slashing prices on almost outdated baby formula. Of course, he didn't really give baby stuff a thought. Actually, Fergie wasn't on his mind.

He was still on cloud nine. That hippie chick that was with Todd wanted to take his picture. And she did. She'd even got him to take his shirt off.

At first he was pretty indifferent about the whole ordeal. She kept giving him a pep talk.

"We just need to change your image, that's all." She kept smiling.

"I don't have an image." He'd winced. Well, there were the news stories. The bicycle bandit. He didn't actually want to be known for that, forever. But he just might. Nothing he could do about that. He wasn't exactly an impressive outlaw.

But this was for rock and roll.

"I dunno if I'm even any good." He squinted as if he wished she could just stop aiming her fancy phone at him. It was so unbelievable that she could do it all on a smart phone. "Where are you posting my picture?" He'd wanted to know. So she stopped what she was doing. Showed him the website.

"Its on blogger and tumblr. We even have tweets." She said she'd been with the band for a while. "I'm one of the original fan girls. I knew about the Freaknoids before Todd, ever did."

"Well, I've never heard of them." He remembered saying.

"You, don't know what you're missing." Her smile was so cool and flirty. Her touch was a sweet sensation that was new and like gold that still stung his brain as well as other parts of him.

He liked her attention, but he supposed Sage would have had a cow if she knew how touchy feely Lucy could be. Of course, it didn't take much for Trevor to know that a hot girl wanted him.


meg said...


Lets hope he grows out of this fast.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Trevor is already up to trouble it seems. :/

ellie said...

Hopefully, he'll snap out of it.

MOSAMUSE said...

i finda hope he gos for it :)
lol why not?