Saturday, August 4, 2012

breaks and such

"JESUS, Todd, have you, gone mad?" Lucy winced when she found out about the Noah project.

She was busy looking through the photos she'd taken of Trevor to update the FREAKNOID website. He was reluctant to cooperate. The early shots, Trevor would hardly smile, yet by the end, she got a sly smile out of him. He was definitely a TIGER BEAT heart-throb.

"What do you mean?" Todd still didn't get it. He was off in another room busy with another dumpster dive guitar he'd found.

"Noah and Spence broke up." She glared at him when he came to the doorway. It was as if he'd had a brain freeze of some sort. About then Lux came over with one of her art projects from the coffee table. She plopped herself into Lucy's lap who was on the floor with her photos on her phone that she was sending to INSTAGRAM.

"He's got that WOW factor, Babe." Todd shrugged as if the two would just have to get over it.

"I believe you, thrive on friction." She informed him as she told Lux what a wonderful job she'd done on her picture with the crayons. "You drew on paper. Luxy! Yeah!" Lucy touched the baby's nose. Lux was all smiles.

"I DO NOT." He protested as he went back to fine tuning the old blue electric guitar.

"Babe, just don't electrocute yourself, now." Lucy warned ever so casual.

As it was she'd spent most of her midnight hour creating the butterfly sleeved top she wore from some of her mother's old lingerie. She'd came across the old box that she thought was now an overdue Christmas present she didn't even know existed. Honestly, she wanted a nap more than Lux did.

Lucy put down her phone and let Lux plant a wet kiss on her mouth. A moment later the place went dark.

"TODD!" Lucy clung to Lux. "Did you do that?"

"Yes." It was barely a whisper.

Being creative had its pitfalls.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Haha! I agree...creativity can drain you sometimes! :/

caitlin and megan said...'s so funny.

Gianella Peralta said...

Hahaha, creativity has its piftfalls, yes. But then more often than not, they're behind the success :)

mazzy may said...

Oh, that's terrible about the power going out.

FWB said...

Wow, what a moment..for it to go dark!

MOSAMUSE said...

creativity can be rreeally draining :) but also very rewarding