Thursday, August 2, 2012

make it happen

"You could be our front man." Todd was certain of it. How could Noah of not let him know his voice was this good.

It was just an accident they'd met each other at the guitar place. Todd finally decided to see if his old electric guitar was worth fixing. He'd played around with the electric part of it. Maybe it was a new amp he needed.

He saw Noah trying out new guitars. It was fun to see someone else checking out new equipment. A part of him wanted to think that he could somehow spread the news that the Freaknoids were back. He'd brought a flyer and even a poster about their upcoming party. Hopefully, they could sale some old merchandise. It seemed Lucy was feeling lucky about how they'd sold out of the Tee-shirts, CDs and buttons. She'd ordered more, months ago. Now they were stuck with a few boxes he wondered if they shouldn't just give away.

"Are you interested?" Todd wanted to know. They needed people who wanted to do this. He at least got Trevor busy learning some new chords. Maybe they needed fresh meat. He didn't want to say he was trying to market them, but he wanted to find something the locals might want to listen too and especially, get to know.

"Well, who doesn't want to be a rockstar." Noah smiled as if he liked the idea of being in a band.

"Yeah, who doesn't." Todd agreed. "Well, we might not ever be Mick Jagger, but if you can feel it, make the fans want it...It can't be all bad."

"Right." Noah nodded as if he could get into it. Todd was pretty sure Noah did have the look for it.

"So, you'll  be around tomorrow night, and play with us?" Todd was serious. He just neglected to say who US would be. Actually, Todd wasn't so sure he even knew, anymore.


meg said...

Oh..Todd..if you only knew.

MOSAMUSE said...

go freaknoids!

ellie said...

Todd's restarting the band, evidently.

Cafe Fashionista said...

This will be good for Todd. :)