Monday, July 30, 2012

a friend indeed

"I told you, we're like family." Benny wanted to roll his eyes and shake some sense into that boyfriend of his. "I have to be there for Casey."

He turned away and looked out of the kitchen window. It was true. He had different priorities than Keith. How could he explain it.

"So we..are just a band." Benny shrugged.

"Yeah, just a band." Keith mocked as he was at his laptop at the kitchen table doing important work, like his job at the University where he was a real history professor. Even though, he didn't look quit like one his dark mesh track pants and black ribbed tank. Still he was making a living for the two of them. "When is the last time you've had a real paying gig?"

"Its not about the money." Benny winced. He'd been Casey's friend forever. He would be an uncle to Casey's kid just like Casey would be a part of their own child's life too. "I'm going to the hospital." Benny changed out of his flip-flops into his sneakers. He pulled off his tank and slipped into a better shirt, just for good measure.

He was sure Casey didn't care what he wore, but Nina's parents would be there. He wanted them to know that they didn't have a dumb ass for a son-in-law.

Benny supposed they were having a spat. It was true they were not the perfect couple. They couldn't possibly agree on everything, yet he knew Fergie's baby would have a much more stable environment with them than what she'd have at home. He kind of hated to see Fergie have to go back to that mess. Yet, he wouldn't bring up now to Keith.

Soon enough he drove to the hospital and found Sarah's parents out in the hallway. It felt kind of weird not having Sarah around, but it was nice they were here for Casey. Nina's parents were dressed to the nines for the occasion. One would have thought Nina might be having the baby at the country club.

"Benny? Right?" Sarah's mother came over and shook his hand. "Casey mentioned you."

"Is he OK? What should I do?" Benny didn't know what was protocol at these sort of things. Did he need to get coffee? "What should I get for Casey?"

"He just wants to talk." She smiled as she told him his Dad needed a breather. He'd been there practically holding Casey's hand.

"OK." Benny smiled as if he could do that. He went into a room that was just another little waiting room where all the contractions were happening.

"Hey, man." Benny could only think to say. Of course, Casey looked a little pale, as if he might throw up on someone. "How's it going."

"God, I just wish the baby would get here." He squeezed his eyes tight as if he'd been through more agony than he wanted too. "Nina is freaking out."

"How, is that not a surprise." Benny smiled as he gave his old friend a hug. "Can I get you anything?"

"No." But it looked as if Casey might hyperventilate. "I'm just scared I might pass out. I know she wishes I could have the baby for her. Its like the worse feeling in the world. I did this to her." He looked as if he felt faint. Benny caught him before he fell backwards.

"Hey, I think you, wanted this, dude. Besides, got to let nature take its course. Everything it gonna be fine. You'll see." He kept his arm around Casey. Benny knew the situation was new to him too. But just maybe this would get him prepared for their own big day.


Ewelina said...

Thanks for this post, it's great.

Cafe Fashionista said...

So much apprehension and nervousness; I'm so excited for them! :)

ellie's desk said...

I gotta wonder if Keith and Benny will stay together.

MOSAMUSE said...

lol....'you would have thought they were having the baby at a country club'

mazzy may said...

I love Benny!

ellie said...

I'm glad Benny is there for Casey.

Sara said...

Such a great friend! I am excited to meet the baby too :)