Sunday, July 29, 2012

like lightening

Casey couldn't move. Was this what he thought it was? Nina's sound was a bit bewildering. It made the hairs on his back prickle. Who was he suppose to call?

His grandmother?

He reached for the phone, but he stared at it, wishing he could move faster. He should dial 911. But he direct dialed Sarah's mom instead. His Dad answered the phone.

"Uh.." Casey gulped as if he was lost for words.

"Is this Casey?" He asked.

"Uh..." Casey winced hard. What was he thinking? He needed to get a move on. He could hear Nina's voice carry from the bedroom. It didn't sound good. It was painful to even listen too.

"Oh shit." His dad said. "Is this what I think it means?"

"I guess so." Casey finally manage.

"Well, get off the phone, get her in the car! I'll meet you at the hospital." He told him.

"Really?" Casey couldn't help but smile. His real dad was going to be there for him. He couldn't imagine it. "Thanks."

"Well, get off the phone, boy, and get your wife to the hospital!" His father snapped as if he'd have to order him around as if he were in boot camp.

"All right. Yeah. Sure." Casey kept smiling.

"Am I going to have to come over there?" His Dad asked.

"No. I'm..I'm going." He took the phone with him to the bedroom. Nina was in her pink track suit, holding her stomach. He got her over night bag. "We're going." But they hadn't made it to the car yet.

He'd thought this day over and over. It was like he'd dreamed it. But it hadn't gone quite this slow. It was like pulling nails, getting out of the house to the car. He finally tossed his house phone on the lawn and backed out of the driveway. But he thought he might have had a brain freeze. He couldn't remember which way to the hospital.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Such an exciting, yet scary, time! :)

ellie said...

Finally! Funny, about Casey.

MOSAMUSE said...

so cute!!