Friday, July 27, 2012

at the movies

" didn't." Em didn't mean to speak so loud, but after she texted Spencer, she knew exactly what he was up too. Here she was alone with Manny at the movie theater waiting for Spencer.

"He didn't what?" Manny looked at her as if she might be speaking in code.

"Nothing." She bit a grin trying to be as charming as this new outfit Spencer picked out for her while they were thrifting. According to Spence it was very Zooey Deschanel, retro and perky. It was a dress for God's sakes..she never dressed up for the movies. She should have known Spence was up to something. And to think..she thought..he might be her new best friend. "I..guess something came up."

"Spencer's not coming?" Manny shucked out the cash to get their tickets for the indie movie.

"Looks that way." She shrugged. They had a few minutes to get drinks and popcorn.

"I wonder what came up." Manny moved on in the line to the concessions. He asked what she wanted.

"What could have come up?" She asked after she pointed to the MILK DUDS. He got a bucket of popcorn too.

"Did he tell you about his wrestling match with Noah?" Manny asked as he helped with the drinks at the drink station.

"With Noah?" Spencer was leaving out some important information, she thought. Why was he not talking about Noah?

"Gage, was there. He'd never seen anything like it. I guess they broke up." Manny shrugged.

"Huh?" Here they were having a conversation about Spencer. And she'd been worried all this time that Manny would only talk about himself as if he were the perfect guy that she needed in her life. He was a lot more like his brother Gage, than she though. She saw that now.

Manny talked a little about Angie and Allie and Cory.

"It was so hard not to call them when they were on the road, but I let them call me when they wanted to." He sighed as if he could hardly wait for them to get back.

She broke some milk duds to put in the popcorn. Em stirred the popcorn around just as the previews were about to air.

"I suppose you like surprises, don't you?" He asked then.

Em couldn't help but smile. Maybe she did.


caitlin and megan said...

Interesting happenings with these 2.

Cafe Fashionista said...

So cute the two of them are! :)

Sara said...

Aw, they are cute!

Ewelina said...

They're amazing! <3

ellie said...

I hope they can be more than friends.

mazzy may said...

I hope this a new beginning for them.