Wednesday, July 25, 2012

three's company

"You're really going to leave me alone, with the house?" Manny looked at both Cory and Allie for a moment. Maybe he was glaring. Did they really expect to go on a vacation without him? Especially, if the baby was going. "I dunno." He shook his head. "I think Angie needs to stay here."

He couldn't cut cord. Angie belonged to him. And he wanted it that way. He couldn't help it.

"But its just to my cousin's house." Allie looked so hurt. "She wants to see her. They only live in Rapid City."

"Yeah, but that's like you know..almost to North Dakota." Manny fretted then. "What..what accident?"

Allie drew a breath. She glared at him as if he were insane now.

"Manny, its only a weekend. OK. Its not a big deal." Cory was still in his dark coveralls from work and Manny was still in his pale blue scrubs. Wasn't like they were ready for a match up on the livingroom floor. Besides, Allie was cleaning up Angie from her artwork project at the table. She'd made watercolor pictures from jello.

"You know, we're careful. We really are. I've never had a ticket." Cory promised.

"Its..its not you I'm worried" Manny let out a sigh. "Its the rest of the world I'm worried about."

Manny didn't wait for anymore talk from the two of them. He went on down to the basement and started a shower.

He really couldn't think of anything to do if they were going to take Angie with them. Maybe he'd take another shift or two at the hospital. If this was happening, it was better to keep busy.

Manny soaped up quick and after a while he wanted to stay under the shower. He yawned, thinking he just might sleep instead.  Maybe it would be best not to let anyone know about a free weekend. He yawned more. His eyes were so tired. He couldn't fight the both of them on this. He'd just have to see how this went and hope for the best.

He changed into some track pants and a tank, but stayed barefooted. Lounging with his Kindle Fire was all he had in mind. He'd check to see if there was anyone to play word scramble with. But no one was up for a game. He guessed, he'd pester Angie while Allie started supper. As much as he wanted to stay out of the way, he always found himself helping out, somehow.

When he got to the kitchen, Allie had potatoes for him to peel.

"Spencer called," Allie said as she was checking on what was cooking in the crockpot.

"Really?" Manny couldn't imagine why. "For what?"

"I think he was wanting to see if you wanted to go to some comedy club." She shrugged, "Or a band, I can't remember."

Manny worked on the potatoes, trying to picture himself going out with Spencer. He just didn't see it.

"You should call him." Allie gave him the look that he needed to drop everything and call him on the house phone.

"Well, I'm kind of busy." He pointed to the potato he was peeling.

"Is it because he's gay?" Allie pressed as she was getting something together in a bowl that would later be gravy.

"Why..are we talking about this?" He winced. He didn't mean to be cross, but he'd been up since 4 this morning. It was a very long day, and he was sure she didn't want to know about how many old people he'd talked to today about their kids and how dry and hot it was in the 1930's. It was just history repeating itself. "I'll call him, after dinner." He hoped that would be enough to ease her, that he would try to be friends.

It seemed all his friends were married or moved away now. And his co-workers were old enough to be his parents. They treated him like a kid. It felt that way, sometimes. But as he looked around, this was probably the best family he'd ever been in, and he wasn't exactly a part of it. Just the third wheel.


Ewelina said...

great post :)

ellie said...

I really hope Manny can find someone..and be happy.

Cafe Fashionista said...

No one ever wants to be the third wheel. :/

MOSAMUSE said...

nice post! being able to write like this on a consistent basis shows so much talent!!