Friday, August 24, 2012

Getting it together.

Todd had a mess he supposed.

As it was, he had Noah in one corner of the basement and Benny had Spence in the other.

"I know, I'm asking for too much." Todd sighed as he looked Noah over, "But can't we all get along?" He looked over his shoulder at Benny and Spencer in a deep conversation.

"Look, it wasn't all that long ago... I messed things up, myself." He hugged himself then. "With those two."

"What are you talking about?" Noah winced.

"Yeah,'s like this...." He blew a breath not sure how to say it. "But Benny thought I should be with him instead of Spencer."

"I don't get where you're going with this.." Noah winced hard as if he might be a cobra ready to snap.

"Yeah, well, I blew it with Spencer. Ended up with Lucy." Todd looked at him as if anything could happen. Maybe, Benny was talking about this with Spencer right now. Hoping he was proving to him they weren't childish anymore. If they wanted to be serious about this, they needed to stop yapping and start playing.

About that time, Trevor came down and got his guitar from his room.

"I've been working on something," he said to Todd.

"Well, lets here it." Todd smiled. Finally somebody was thinking. "Got any words too it?"

Trevor shook his head, no. He hesitated.

Todd didn't dare push him. "When ever your ready."

Naturally, the riff started out quite awkward, but got better. It was something oddly blues. Soon enough, Benny got on the drums and added his take on it. Finally, Spencer started feeling the beat and went to the keyboard to keep the tune going like a friendly melody.

They kept going with song. Todd joined in. Noah was the only odd man out as he looked at them as if they were all on something, but him.

"Got any lyrics for us?" Todd asked Noah when they came to the end of the song. Noah looked at him as if they might all be crazy.


caitlin and megan said...

Maybe music can patch things up for everyone.

Sara said...

I think the music might heal them, bring them together :)

Ewelina said...

Have a great weekend!

MOSAMUSE said...

hopefully noah can get with it!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Music is always a great thing to bond over. :)