Sunday, August 26, 2012

mending the rips

Noah wasn't sure what they were expecting. He wanted to leave in a huff, but he wasn't sure he wanted Spencer to see him that way.

Suddenly, it hit him that he didn't have any real friends.

There was his art. Sure, he had fans. Art shows. But sometimes, he thought he was perhaps faking it, even then. Or he was someone else. He wasn't quite sure some times.

Maybe it was true, he'd put himself on a pedestal just like his grandmother said. Still, he liked nice things. He wanted a different world from where he'd come from.

Perhaps, he was no different from Spencer. He'd been raised by his grandmother. His mom was off and on in his life. She was a bit of a figment to him. He wanted to always think of her young and beautiful with a radiant smile. But there was a downside. She was a drug addict. She'd been in rehab several times.

Couldn't anyone see, he was stronger than she'd ever be. And then to have his grandmother remind him he wasn't nearly as good as he thought he was. Probably because he didn't visit her enough.

Noah wanted to move on. He thought he was. Had his own house. He was meeting people to help his career. But it was all stalling on him now.

And Todd wanted him to have write lyrics to a song he'd only heard a few minutes ago? So much pressure. He thought he might scream.

"Well..what do you want the song to be about?" He winced hard. "We're not Death Cab for Cutie. I thought this was a cover band." He didn't mean it to be an excuse.

"It doesn't matter." Todd smiled as if he didn't have any hard feelings as to what Noah said.

Noah, kept staring at Todd, thinking he was totally unbelievable. What kind of person was he? Hooking up with Spencer and then dropping him for this Lucy who he had a daughter with.

Noah kept silent. Yes, he remembered Spencer telling him he'd really been in love twice. He knew about the whole ordeal with Gage, but not about Todd. Now, Todd was so casual..and happy. Happy that Noah was here, yet waiting for him to contribute something.

Yet, he couldn't stop what pulsed through his veins. It was hopeless. He didn't know how to undo any of this with Spencer. How could he make it better?

"I'll have to listen to the melody one more time." Maybe several times. He finally picked up an electric guitar waiting for him, and joined in. It was the least he could do.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Hopefully inspiration strikes. :/

ellie said...

Noah is in a rough spot. Hopefully, Todd has inspired him.

meg said...

I'm not sure Noah is a people person like Todd.

Ewelina said...

No, she's not like him ;p