Saturday, September 15, 2012

A little bit of love

"Its a girl?" Keith was stunned. The nursery was blue and the crib was brown. He kept hoping against hope it was a boy. Maybe he was just on auto-pilot male.

Of course, Benny was cleaning up the baby and they got Keith in with the nurses to help. Only Keith watched.

Fergie didn't want to see the baby. Trevor stayed with her. It was as if he was going by her rules. Keith wasn't sure if Trevor was putting up a good front, or maybe he was just in different.

"With all the high tech stuff out there! How could they? Seriously." Keith was a bit furious. But he really looked as if he could be surgeon status in his blue throw away scrubs and hat.

"It doesn't matter. You knew. We found out months ago. But you kept insisting on boy everything." Benny snapped.

Keith continued watching. The measuring, a stick test of some sort. He winced. What were all those nurses doing? He thought he might get slapped. It seemed his nose was too close to something.

The baby was so dark, but pink. And those dark eyes. Was she real? She looked kind of creepy, he thought for a second, but when Benny handed her over, Keith let a smile slip. She watched him so tentatively as if she was waiting for him to do something. Already, so curious.

" God..I only thought of boy names." Keith suddenly remembered. He was too timid to actually touch her, in fear he might drop her.

Keith didn't dare think of her as a Tiffany or Britney. No, she was independent, already. "I'm still feeling Hunter. I..I like that name." The name sounded perfect in his heart.

"Hunter?" Benny didn't sound doubtful. "All right." His hand rested on Keith's shoulder as he looked over his other shoulder to coo at the baby. He kissed Keith sweetly on the cheek. Keith wanted to return the favor as if this was the most kissable moment.

Keith kept smiling. He didn't want to give her back. He just wanted to hold her, as close as possible. He'd do anything he could for her. She was all bundled up after all she'd been through. She felt so light, but she was six pounds.

Really, the baby was perfection. A beautiful head of dark black hair. She hadn't even cried yet. And then she did. Such a mournful alarm. Thankfully, the nurse handed him a bottle.


meg said...

Maybe Keith will make a great dad.

ellie said...

Hopefully, it'll all be great.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a tender, beautiful moment. :)

MOSAMUSE said...

i love how interested he was in it all!