Thursday, September 13, 2012

shuffling through

Sage thought she might be sleepwalking by now. She supposed she'd over done it with the plums, the jam, then the jelly. And of course, the concert. She'd worked on the sound check.

Really, who did she think she was? Supergirl.

Now the baby. Which was taking its time getting here. She'd wanted to be there for the arrival, but ended up working a good 8 hour shift at the grocery store.

"Hey, you are not the one having the baby." Gage caught her before she could start making dinner in the kitchen. "You, go to bed. Now. Get some sleep."

"But..but.." She hated to say it, "I don't want to miss anything."

"You won't." He grinned as he put his arm around her and coaxed her down stairs.

"My feet are too tired to even sleep." She sighed once she sat on their bed, and he took off her thick army-like boots.

He went to get the Tylenol.

"You need rest." Gage got some bottled water that was handy even if it were suppose to be for emergencies. As of yet, there hadn't been any threatening weather in months.

Sage squinted hard. She supposed he was right. She couldn't even make an effort to fight him on this. She took the meds and the water. Finally, she crawled out of her jeans, and fell back against the pillow in her store polo and undies. She wanted him to rub her back but didn't have the energy to even turn over. He rubbed her feet instead.

Instantly, she was in a lull. She thought of Fergie, possibly laying in the same position she was. Sage could only hope Fergie was managing the pain somehow.

"She needs a C-section." Sage rose up on her elbows thinking she couldn't go that many hours for the birth of a child. No way.

She did her best not to think of the horror of it. Suddenly, Sage felt so sad, thinking how selfish she must be. Sage wasn't sure she could get through something like having a baby.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I seem to think along the same lines as Sage when it comes to babies. :P

Sara said...

Lol, I think I can relate to Sage on that last bit!

ellie said...

Giving birth is a lot to endure. For sure.

MOSAMUSE said...

yea... i dunno what shes going to do when it comes to giving birth