Tuesday, September 11, 2012

just a fluke

Faye definitely caught Manny off guard. She was a hard one to get to know. She could be so silent and then speak up at the weirdest times. This was definitely one of those weird times.

She knew he had a daughter. The old woman knew his daughter's mother was with another. Again and again she told him he was down right lucky to have so many people in his life that put up with him. But she also said he needed to start pulling his weight around too. And it wasn't about dieting, either.

Of course, he wolfed down the huge blueberry muffin with the brown sugar topping. He licked the remains from his thumb. Just why did she have mention Asher.

"He's probably not your type." Manny looked at Spencer then. Just because two people were gay didn't mean they were going to have an immediate connection. He didn't really think Asher was flirting with him, anyway.

He looked at Faye thinking her imagination was working over-time. Was this her way of not worrying about her health?

"Introduce them!" She blurted. Manny jumped before she could swat him on the butt, again. He looked back at her as if she needed to calm down.

"I'm not..very good at this, Spence." He shook his head. Besides, what if it didn't work out? What if it were all wrong. He'd hate for it to be all his fault.

"Oh, he's going to." Faye smiled. As luck would have it, Asher was just down the hall, bringing back someone from physical therapy.


meg said...

This might be fun!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Faye is quite the confident one. :)

Sara said...

Wow, Faye is a little pushy!

MOSAMUSE said...

maybe im not too much a fan of hers. but i am a fan of ur new header!!