Sunday, September 9, 2012

apologies and the like

Spencer felt he needed to explain. Maybe that's why he stopped by where Manny worked before he went to see Keith who was waiting for the arrival of his new son.

"I know you think it was a bit much." Spencer squinted. He'd brought Manny a mega cup of coffee and a man sized muffin to go with it. Perhaps the offerings were a bit much too. Of course,  there was a hint of fall in the air and Spencer was sporting his new leather jacket and plaid cashmere scarf.

"I didn't mean to make you ..." He rolled his eyes. What could he say? "The center of it." What did it matter what Noah thought anymore? He'd managed through the concert. But they weren't exactly having conversations yet. "Sorry."

"Oh, know." Manny seemed as if he could shrug it off. He looked pretty darn adorable in his blue scrubs. Yet he was like a knight in shining armor around all these old dudes and dudettes on the floor where he worked. "Its fine."

"Really?" Seriously, Spencer wanted to take advantage of this, but he knew he couldn't. It would be wrong. "We should all go out, some time. You know. You, me and Em."

"Right." He nodded as he sipped the  hot creamed coffee. "But she might feel more comfortable if..if its just the two of you."

"No, she wouldn't." Spencer didn't think so. "She likes you. She does."

Manny smiled as if that were a laugh.

"Look, I'm really not out to find...a relationship..."

"Don't you believe him." Some old woman thought different from a wheel chair behind Manny. "He needs him a good woman. If you've found one for him, you make sure he treats her right." The old woman looked at Spencer, point blank, putting him on the spot.

"I see. Well, I'll try." Spencer looked at the stranger as if maybe she might know a thing or two about romance that he hadn't an inkling about. "Anything you can do for me?" He knew he was pulling straws. And he'd know if he'd stepped out of bounds. He was pretty sure she'd set him straight.

"There is that fellow from physical therapy always flirting with Manny." She gave Manny the eye then. "You mean to tell me, you haven't fixed your friend up yet?" She slapped Manny on the butt. He almost sloshed his coffee.


Francesca Giusti said...

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Cafe Fashionista said...

Spencer is always an awesome person to read about; and I adore Manny! :)

ellie said...

I'm glad they are still friends.