Friday, September 7, 2012

turning the tide

Fergie asked if her mother were at the hospital. No had seen her. She doubted anyone called, but even if they had...

She didn't know why she wanted her Mom now. But it was as if her body was going through some sort of withdrawal at the moment. She'd vowed not to see the baby. It needed to be this way. And the longer she hung on to Trevor's hand, she wondered if he'd be there afterwards.

There was no reason for him too.

Her eyes were misty as things would ease then a few minutes later like a turbulent storm, she thought the pain might snap her in to. She'd take a breath, wondering when this would all be over. She wanted to go back to her life. Still, did she have one to go back too?

School was back in session. Not that she really had any friends anymore. But there was Simon. No one called Simon. Suddenly, she thought he should know.

"I need to call Simon." She breathed the words with no voice. Her body was in a sweat even if the gown she wore was pink with teddy bears. Her hair was dripping in sweat.

Trevor squinted. Asking her what she meant.

"Simon. I want Simon." Only she forgot to say CALL. Something so simple.

But he saw that look on Trevor's face as if she'd said the wrong thing. Or he knew what she meant.

Fergie felt so weak. Didn't he understand? She wanted Trevor with her. It was just Simon was her friend. Maybe her best friend.


Sara said...

Oh she is so out of it, I hope that he understands :(

ellie said...

Its such an intense time for her now.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Fergie just needs some understanding. :(

MOSAMUSE said...

she seems like shes losing it.