Wednesday, September 5, 2012

its a lot like love

"Well? What are you waiting for?" Benny stopped playing the drums once he knew what was going on with Fergie. Todd said he'd take over which surprised Benny because he never knew Todd was much for drums. But he didn't bother to question him. So he grabbed Trevor.

"I dunno, if..if I'm suppose to." Trevor winced.

"You're coming with me." Benny ordered. He didn't give a rat's ass what Keith said about it. Trevor had a right to be there.

Trevor didn't fuss. He put down his guitar and went with Benny.

Soon enough they weren't far behind Keith and Fergie to the hospital. At least they didn't have to call an ambulance. The show could go on.

But Fergie was fighting everyone near at the Emergency room. She kept saying it was a false alarm even if she kept having sharp pains. Still she'd hiss she was fine. It was as if she didn't want anyone to touch her, but the nurses paid no mind and then the female doctor showed up in a white coat and told her she was staying around. The least they could do was to check her out. And they did.

Trevor kept studying the tiles on the floor as if any minute the police would be showing up to haul him off.

"Maybe you should be with her." Benny told him.

Trevor only gave him a glare as if he was scared of such a thing. Fergie was pretty pissed with everyone. She kept insisting that she was fine. Everything was fine. But they'd see bouts of intense pain in her gritting face and squinting moments.

Finally, Benny motioned for Trevor to come down the hall with him. There they saw her hooked up to all sorts of machines. A baby heart monitor. Even her heart monitor, too. Something about her blood pressure was up.

"Just, just stay calm, and be there  for her." Benny told Trevor, but he could see Trevor was scared he might see something he didn't want to see.

Finally Trevor went to Fergie's side and looked back at Benny so timid. He reached for her hand, and finally she managed to see he was actually there. And she smiled. Maybe everything would be OK if Trevor was with Fergie.


Sara said...

Well he at least seems to have calmed her down!

MOSAMUSE said...

well they seem like a nice pair!

meg said...

Aw, its really sad, though..they do have to give up the baby.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, I hope so. :/