Wednesday, September 19, 2012

empty hands

Trevor felt kind of dumb. He was sure of it. He was stupid. He was so tired. He almost tripped over himself as he slowly made his way down the hall toward the big nursery of little clear cribs. The curtains were open, and he could see in.

Now which one was his?

All of those sleeping infants. And one of them, was his. He guessed it wasn't really true. Yet, he was someone's bio dad.

He'd been OK about not wanting to see the baby. Still, he needed a small glimpse. What if it wasn't his, anyway?

Trevor blew a breath as he stared into the vastness of the room from behind the glass.

All sorts. But they tended to have a lot in common. Most were asleep. He squinted, pondering which one was it. Wasn't he to know by instinct?

But he didn't know. Why hadn't Fergie wanted to see the baby?

He knew she'd read some young adult novel where the girl didn't see the baby that she gave up for adoption. It was suppose to be that way. Didn't he know? Was he not brave enough?

Trevor nursed his bottom lip. Just then he felt an arm around his shoulder. It was Sage, along with Gage. He couldn't help but hug her. He buried his head into the crook of her neck. Finally, he had himself a good cry.

She whispered the baby's name. Benny called and told her. She pointed to the baby then. Hunter.

Trevor winced. He kept staring. Trying to see himself, but he didn't. It was just a baby. Fergie's baby. No, it was Benny and Keith's baby. Yet, all he could see was Fergie's features in the newborn. Yet he could hardly see for all the tears that kept blurring his vision.

It wasn't that he felt sad for his numb self. Only for Fergie. What was he suppose to do now?


ellie said...

I'm glad he's got his sister there. Very emotional time.

caitlin and megan said...

Oh, man..he definitely needs family now.

MOSAMUSE said...

this is a sad time :-\

Chris Ed said...

I love the beginning and all those sleeping babies...

Cafe Fashionista said...

So sad for them all right now. :(