Friday, September 21, 2012

not a super power in sight

Simon wasn't expecting to hear from Fergie, ever again.

He hadn't for a very long while. She only needed him to drive her around. Maybe take her to a movie. Ever since this Trevor came into the picture, she didn't quite need him much.

So he did a lot of things alone. And he kind of like it. He decided.

Maybe, he really wasn't a people person, after all. Wasn't like he was one who lavished on the social media to get his ego going. Hell, he hadn't been on Facebook in ages. He was only there to keep in touch with Fergie, who insisted that he not be her friend. How dare he ruin her reputation?

Now she called him. Maybe he should have expected it, but not really.

So he'd dashed off to fetch her. Of course, he was still in flannel P.J. bottoms and his best GREEN DAY T-Shirt.

She wanted him to take her away from all of this.

"I dunno, if..if its time for you to go home yet." He said first thing when he got to the hospital room. After all, she'd only had the baby a couple of hours ago. She was having breakfast, over easy eggs, bacon and hashbrowns.

Still she looked completely out of it.

"I have to go. You have to get me out of here." She looked at him as if he were a man of action. Not someone who'd played World of War Craft the last three weeks solid, and was a bit dazed and confused.

"Of course." He always did what she asked of him. Now didn't he? "But.."

"No, I want to go now." She fretted.

" need to be discharged." He wouldn't take her other wise. Naturally, he didn't know exactly where he'd take her. The treehouse out in his back yard? His mother would really be testy if she found a girl in his room. Besides, it was a twin bed. Where would he sleep? He didn't really want to give up his man cave to her.

If only he'd cleaned up. He needed time. Maybe he could do it. He guessed. But it was a bit farfetched.

"I'm really sorry.." He'd never ever let Fergie down before. He was sort of her one boy fan club. He guessed. But she really looked like shit. Maybe she wasn't quite as beautiful as he remembered. Of course, she was never actually nice to him. "I..I can't." She still looked quite pregnant to him. "You sure, had the baby?"

What an awful thing to say, he knew. Perhaps he didn't deserve her forgiveness. He was seeing Fergie for who she actually was. Not that princess he wanted to save in a far off castle.

Simon bit his upper lip as Trevor and his sister came into her room

"I..I was just leaving." He bit a grin as if he knew he shouldn't be here. He was the outsider. The far far off outsider. He pushed his dark hair away from his plain, slightly freckled yet pale face.

"What are you doing here?" Trevor's question was so simple, but quite hard to answer.

"Oh..I..I have the flu." Simon winced. "But..but I'm not contagious."

Yet the look Trevor gave him if Simon were his arch nemesis, and Trevor was ready to take him on. Simon skedaddled.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Such an awkward situation. :/

meg said...

I so liked Simon. But maybe this was a wake up call for him.

ellie said...

What a bad day for Simon.

Chris Ed said...

They´re not nice to Simon especially Fergie! What a bad day for him...