Tuesday, September 25, 2012

not quite a schedule

Spencer could hardly believe this. Keith with a baby.

"Will, he even let you hold her?" He questioned Benny who was in the kitchen getting dinner ready.

"Hardly." Benny shrugged as if there was nothing he could do about it. After all, he was the one not taking time off. He couldn't afford it, but Keith did have leave coming to him, so of course, he was home with the baby.

Spencer brought pampers and an apple pie from the nearby diner. He wanted to ask where everyone was. He thought there might be a party, but it was all so quiet. Except for some harp music coming from the baby's room.

"What is this?" Spencer couldn't help but ask, once he found Keith with the baby. Of course, he was holding her and she was sleeping so contently.

"Everytime, I put her down, she starts crying." Keith looked so tired.

"You have to put her down." Spencer looked at his brother blankly. He'd never see him like this. He was always in control. He was the king of control. Now a new born was the center of his attention.

"She'll cry." Keith tried to smile, but he looked exhausted.

Spencer wondered now if either Keith nor Benny actually knew what they were doing.

"You may have to let her." Spencer shrugged.

"I can't stand to hear..her...cry." By the look on Keith's face it was as if he could already sense it coming. "But..but I have to go pee." He left her in Spencer's arms and made a mad dash to the bathroom. Meanwhile. Spencer put the sleeping infant in her bed.

She was swaddled in practically a sleeping bag. Spencer watched. She slept as if she liked the crib.

Finally he walked softly out of the room. He met Keith at the door.

"You're stressing her out." Spencer informed his brother with a whisper.

"Me?" Keith needed a closer look, but Spencer pushed back.


Keith only sighed.

"You, are really bad at this." Spencer quickly smiled as they stood in the livingroom.

"I am not." Keith protested.

"God, you have to calm down." Spencer couldn't believe he was saying it. "Come on, step away from the nursery and eat." He got him into the kitchen were Benny had  supper waiting.

"I'm not even hungry." Keith was ready to spazz.

"Benny, you're gonna need to stay with him, until he gets this right. He's going to go crazy, otherwise." Spencer shot Benny a look.

"Don't say things like that." Keith squinted hard as he quickly went for an egg roll as if he could wolf it down before Hunter might cry. "I'm..I'm doing..just fine."

"She needs to rest. Alone. You need your rest, too." Spencer told him.

"Like..like you'd know anything about babies." Keith snapped.

"There has been a baby at my house for quite sometime, you know." Spencer reminded him of taking care of Jake. Of course, he hadn't gotten around to see him at Sarah's new place. He'd like too, but really, he didn't have a reason to go there. He guessed.

"Look, if..if you two need to me to look after the baby, I'm here for you." Spencer told them.


Sara said...

Wow, it is odd to see someone who is normally under control deal with struggles like this :/

ellie said...

Keith is kind of cute. But I hope he can balance it out.

Cafe Fashionista said...

It's all about balance. Hopefully he can accomplish it all. :/

Chris Ed said...

Keith is really cool! great chapter!

meg said...

What a fun scene..him with a baby.

MOSAMUSE said...

I think he will be able to handle everything!