Thursday, September 27, 2012

a slow go

Gage guessed it was settled. But Ezra's mother was messy. It wasn't like it was an empty house to move in to.

Sage decided they should do it now. No more waiting. Beside, his mother packed up a few days before and evidently threw her hands up, and left.

"Man, she's got a lot of crap." Gage kept his arms crossed. "She's practically a hoarder." There were newspapers, magazines, old books in most of the bedroom. Some clothes, too. Sage was curious. It made Gage tired looking at the task at hand.

"And Fergie gets her own room? What know.." He shrugged as if maybe Fergie and Trevor were a couple.

" needs her space." Sage looked at him as if there would be no more babies. Not in this house.

"Well." He blew a breath. "You might not can stop it." He shrugged.

"Just..just..focus on the house." She gave him the evil eye that they wouldn't discuss the Fergie and Trevor situation any further.

"All right. We need help." He got out his phone.

"Who are you calling?" She wanted to know with her hands on her hips as she was summing up the mess in the house.

"Who do you think? Declan. Maybe Manny can help. Maybe he get his friend to help. We need people, Sage." He talked to Declan. "He'll come over with his truck. We'll take stuff to the dump. We'll recyle." Gage promised.

"Call Ezra." Sage sighed. "He's gonna have to see what he wants to keep." She went to move boxes as if it were a start.

Gage helped after he called Ezra and got his voicemail.

"You know, Spence is gonna be all alone. Soon." Gage mentioned.

"Well, Ezra is still there." Sage picked up a box of old magazines. She instantly dropped them because they were full of spiders. She made a look of disgust as she pushed the box with the foot of her sneaker then.

"But not for long. You know, he'll be with Sarah, sooner or later." Gage winced. He hated to do this to Spencer.

"Maybe Manny will move in. He could ask Em. He won't be that alone." Sage shrugged.

"I dunno. He doesn't talk about it much, but I know he's lonely." Gage carefully moved another box wondering what might jump out. Just then something small scurried into the dark. "God, we have to exterminate."

But nothing seemed to be stopping Sage's excavation.


Gianella Peralta said...

A frog will jump out. Haha!

ellie said...

So many changes happening!

meg said...

What a massive project!

Bex said...

Definite a woman on a mission.

Scarlett and Eva said...

Sage is pretty tough!

Chris Ed said...

It´s a lot to be done and a lot of new things are coming.