Thursday, October 11, 2012

a little known fact

Gage couldn't be sure if he were going or coming. It was kind of hard living at two places. He supposed they'd moved in to the new place which was actually old and very cold after last night's freeze. Perhaps it was a nippy 45 degrees now, but Gage was still freezing.

He'd hurried over to Spencer's during his lunch break to pick up some extra blankets. He and Sage had done more than cuddle last night. Honestly, he was a little sore. They'd wrapped up in each other to keep warm. Neither moved from the middle of the bed because it felt as if they on a sheet of ice. It gave him a chill thinking about it.

He went down to their old room in the basement to find the box that said winter stuff. He could only hope the quilts and blankets were there like Sage promised. As he came up from the basement stairs he noticed someone in the kitchen in his jeans and barefooted. He was shirtless, and digging in the fridge. Finally, Gage saw the lanky guy drinking from the milk carton.

"Who are you?" Gage winced, thinking Spence couldn't be looking for roommates, already.

He put down the milk and raked his fingers back through his hair.

"Ezra, right?" The fellow winced.

"No." Gage squinted harder thinking what in the world was going on.

He introduced himself. Bucky shook Gage's hand.

"Is Spencer here?" Gage thought Spencer should be at work. He'd started helping out at the retirement home.

"Oh, yeah," Bucky shrugged. "He just got out of the shower." Bucky got the eggs out of the fridge. He turned  and asked Gage if he knew how Spencer liked his eggs.

For a moment Gage knew exactly how Spencer liked his eggs. Over easy. But he didn't want Bucky to know.

Gage's teeth started to chatter. Perhaps his whole body was shaking. He did not have a good feeling about Bucky.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Gage is right about Bucky...he's no good. :/

Chris Ed said...

What a stange situation! And the question about the eggs is really too much.

meg said...

oh..I do wonder if Gage remembers what Spencer meant to him now..or Gage just has really weird premonitions.

Sara said...

Gage's spider senses are kicking in!

ivy said...

I'm still not sure just how much I love Bucky yet.