Tuesday, October 9, 2012

a guy like Bucky

Bucky Jones needed a break of some kind. Even if it was a one night stand. He'd take anything he could, actually. Yeah, times were hard and he wasn't getting any younger. Everybody seemed to be younger than him.

Possibly, he needed a sugardaddy. He'd gone down that road before, but he always got bored in the end. He just didn't have it in him to survive like that. Maybe it was even a turn on at one time, but not anymore.

He'd done enough traveling. Even seen Europe and never paid a dime. Soon the drugs came and that made him happy. For a little while. OK, that was the only thing that made him happy for a good long while. He didn't need anything else. Thus rock bottom followed, and he was back where he came from.

He did some time in jail. He'd pretty much cleaned up his act. He didn't even have his kit with him, anymore. Still he imagined it like gold. He'd shoot himself up in the neck. It was the best feeling in the world, but he knew he had to stay away from it. It was not good for him. He went through the reasons every morning when he woke up. Thankful, he was drug free one more day. Even if things were slow, and he didn't have much. After all,  it was the little things that meant the most.

Perhaps, bartending wasn't exactly the best way to go. Bucky had to start somewhere.

He hadn't mentioned any of this to Spencer yet. There were other things on his mind. Besides, he was certain this kid needed him. Spence had a house. Yeap, Bucky could really make this place his home.

"And you say, everyone is moving out?" He caught a chuckle in this throat the morning after, still in bed between the sheets. He could hardly move. He didn't want too.

"Yeah, even Ezra. He says he's still here, but he's not. Sarah always comes and gets him." Spencer looked a little sad.

"I-I could easily pay rent if I moved in." Bucky gave him the silliest grin. It might have been sexy at one time. Either way, Spencer didn't seem to mind. He kissed him, anyway.

"You wouldn't have to do that." Spencer said in the next breath.

"You're kidding me, right?" Bucky said it. Only he wasn't really planning on giving Spencer any money. That would be like giving money away to a whore, in his mind. 

"I'm not kidding you." Spencer's smile was endearing. Bucky smiled back. At least, Buck was sure of it ...he was still pretty damn good in bed.


meg said...

What has Spencer got himself into???

Sara said...

Oh wow, Bucky seems a little crazy for Spencer!

MOSAMUSE said...

oh poor spencer!


Cafe Fashionista said...

Good grief...Bucky is definitely a bad guy. :(

ellie said...

I wonder if this will end badly.