Wednesday, October 17, 2012

before the red light comes on

Fergie did not like being alone in the house. Honestly, she was scared to be alone. More than once she swore a ghost must have walked through her. Cold spots. She'd never experienced anything like it. And there were freak'n weird noises at night. She had to preoccupy herself with Trev. It was the only distraction she had.

And the fact remained, she still turned him on. She was afraid it was gone after the baby was born. But actually, she thought she might understand sex more, than before. Besides, it was always so quick and sometimes, happened on a picnic table in the dead of night down by the river park. It was cozy being in bed with him. If only it weren't a twin bed.

Her bed was a twin too. They'd found them at Good Will. Cheap with some extra bedding pads from ShopKo.

Her room was nice enough. Benny and Keith splurged on her. Now if she only had a hotspot for her laptop, she might blog. Of course, her late night chats with Simon were long gone now. She ignored him completely at school. He was not her friend.

She didn't give a damn now about that crowd of peers. They sort of looked at her as an outcast, but there was Trev and he'd hold her hand at school every time she took it. Seriously, though, she wanted him to take take her hand. Show his devotion for her. But he was very casual about this.

Fergie guessed she'd have to wait. Being with Trev at night was a perk, and if she kept at it long enough..then all would be fine.

Before she knew it, he was getting ready for work. Trev sported his red grocery store polo shirt, neatly tucked into his tan slacks. He kissed her on the lips before he left. Told her he'd be back before ten. She'd try to get some reading in, but it was mostly some teen love story from Harlequin she chose to devour instead of reading  her English class assignment. It was boring.

Yet, she wanted to know how Sage was doing. Fergie told her how crackers and Dr. Pepper worked for her.

"That's all I could keep down the first month." Fergie was happy to give her, her two cents worth of pregnancy help.

"I'll have to try that." Sage nodded who didn't dare leave the couch. "It seems I only get sick around noon time. Not exactly morning sickness."

"You think that's weird. Mine never hit me until the 3 p.m. bell at school. I'd run to the bathroom instead of the bus. God, I missed the bus so many times." She thought of Simon then. He would drive her home after school. He really was a good friend.

A part of her felt she had a great deal to make up to him. Fergie thought about it while Sage watched an old episode of Undeclared on DVD while Gage went to start dinner.

How Fergie wished she could invite Simon over. Maybe send him a gift card to the movie theater. He loved movies. Fergie remembered she didn't have any money. Soon she decided there was nothing she could do. She went back to her paperback.

Then she remembered the thought of ghosts. She looked at the ceiling wondering if Simon would mind going to the attic with her.


meg said...

Fergie is something.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, I love the spooky new element your adding to the story! :)

MOSAMUSE said...

ghosts just in time for halloween

ellie said...

I do like a good Halloween story.

Sara said...

I like that she is more than just attracted to him. Also that she is helping Sage, I feel like Fergie is growing up.

Chris Ed said...

Wow, I like ghosts stories:)

MOSAMUSE said...

im afraid of the attic too!