Friday, October 19, 2012

hopefully nothing

Sometimes, when Keith would look into the baby's dark eyes, he'd think they might be blue. A dark blue, but still blue not completely dark.

Hunter was beautiful. He did love the baby. It was true he was enamored with her. He loved her in his arms and he wanted to be so close to her. He could study her expressions for hours. And sometimes, he did.

The phone rang and woke him. He was asleep in the rocking chair next to the crib. Hunter slept soundly on her back, swaddled and secure. Her mouth nursed ever so delicately.

Keith jumped to his feet as quietly as he could and went to grab the cordless house phone in the kitchen. It was Gage.

Keith took a look at the kitchen. It was a big mess. Not a clean dish insight. There was laundry to do. He just couldn't get to it.

"What is it?" He hoped they weren't coming over. Did they have to see the baby, already? "Its Fergie, isn't it?" She's changed her mind. He just knew it. His own American Horror Story was starting. She wanted her baby back.

"No, no..its not about Fergie." Gage told him.

Finally, Keith settled down. He poured some hot water over a tea bag. Benny usually kept the electric tea kettle on.

"OK." Keith couldn't imagine why Gage would call him. They weren't exactly friends. He couldn't say it, but he didn't really even like him when Gage knew Spencer and they were together. "What is it?"

"Its..Its about Spencer." He kept his voice low as if he needed to be secretive, or at least Keith thought.

"What about him?" Keith rubbed the back of his neck. He was so sore and tired. He looked down at his leather slippers with the sheep skin lining. He hadn't worn real shoes in over a week. He was in his gray sweat pants and one of Benny's old T-shirts with the hole in the neck.

"There..there was this guy..over there."

"What guy?" Keith tried not to be alarmed as he danced the tea bag about wishing the tea would be stronger.

"I'm not sure I caught his name. Exactly." Gage sounded as if he'd said too much. "But..but he's older."

"Like how old?" Keith wanted to know. "My Dad's age?"

"No, not that old. More like..your age." Gage told him.

Keith rolled his eyes at that. What was Gage getting at? "Well, Spencer's certainly not a kid. He can take care of himself."

"I know," Gage said. "Its just..I think I've seen this guy ..before..I just don't know ..where.."

"What are you saying?" Keith didn't think Gage was clairvoyant.

"My gut is telling me that he's..he's no good for Spence." Gage sighed.

"Well," Keith guess he understood. "Thanks for telling me. I'll I'll see if I can go over. You know, it could have ...just been ..a one night stand."

"Maybe so." Gage sounded as if he didn't like that type of thing. "I just hope he's OK."

"That makes two of us." Keith assured him. Hopefully, this guy in Spencer's life was long gone now.


Sara said...

He does not really need anything else to worry about, but it just goes to show what a caring person he is :)

meg said...

Keith is such a sweet Dad. It would be troubling to have to worry about your brother now.

ellie said...

Keith is a good big brother. And I think he loves being a dad, too.

mazzy may said...

Such tired days for him.

MOSAMUSE said...

good convo btwn them!

Chris Ed said...

Keith is really nice person and cool dad!

Syd said...

That was funny about asking if he were his Dad's age.