Sunday, October 21, 2012

finding the train wreck

"Well, you are just going to have to go over there and find out what is going on." Keith said with a yawn.

"I dunno." Benny shrugged. He was tired too. He'd put in a full days work. It seemed everyone wanted a new tattoo before Halloween. There was a biker who wanted more inking done on his back. It was practically an all day job. Benny had been on his feet a good part of it. Now his shoulders were stiff. He winced hard as if it could not be that bad. Whatever was going on with Spencer. He yawned, but Keith's yawn was bigger.

"If I do this, I want you to make dinner." Benny could hardly keep his eyes open.

"It would be even better if you stopped by Sonic on the way back for some burgers." Keith smiled ever so endearing. They looked around the kitchen as if it were obvious. There were only dirty dishes and nothing to eat.

"Listen, I have only had a Poptart eight hours ago." Keith showed his true hunger then as he grabbed Benny by the collar.

"OK." Benny wasn't going to dare ask how much caffeine he'd had.

Keith closed his eyes as if he were already gone for a short nap. Then he jerked his eyes open to finish this conversation. He was so close to Benny that he was almost falling on him.

"Just get it taken care of. OK?" Keith sighed.

"Right." Benny sighed back.

"First you go to Spencer's. Then Sonic." Keith's stared at Benny's face as he gripped his collar harder.

"Got it." Benny nodded with sleep. "But first you have to let me go."

"Oh." He yawned and Benny had to push him off.

A few minutes later he parked in Spencer's driveway. Although, for a second Benny wondered how he actually got there. But woke up suddenly when this fellow barely in his jeans and barefooted greeted him at the car door. Benny thought the guy needed a jacket. Wasn't he freezing out here in the damp wind?

"Where's our Chinese, man?" The lean fellow was in a pout. A cigarette hung from the corner of his mouth with ease. He finally took a draw from it.

"Uh." Benny cleared his throat. "I'm not here with Chinese food." He got out of the car. "Is Spencer around?"

Benny thought for a second that someone was holding Spencer hostage. Benny made his way in and Spencer was on the couch watching TV and playing a game on an iPad. He was barefooted too.

"Hey!" Spencer looked up at him, all grins.

"When did you get one of those?" Benny winced.

"Its Keith's. He said he didn't have any use for it, anymore." Spencer shrugged and put it away. "What's up?"

"Um, who's your friend?" Benny winced.

"That's Bucky." Spencer acted as if he was no big deal. Sort of like harmless lady bugs on the warm days of fall.

"He's staying with you?" Benny stood there with his arms crossed. They really didn't talk much lately. There was a certain understanding. It was best to stay away from each other. Besides, there was Keith and the baby to think about.

"Yeah, I think so." Spencer seemed pretty careless about there being anything important about him being here. "He works at the Beer Cave."

"Shouldn't he be at work?" Benny wondered what was up for that.

"Hey, Bucky, are you suppose to be at work!" Spencer yelled to Bucky then.

"They let me go!" Buck yelled back.

Benny gritted a grin. He knew  Keith wasn't going to want to hear this.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a sad thing for Bucky right now. :/

meg said...

Oh, Benny having to face the music. It would be hard to be Bucky's friend, but I'm sure he needs them.

ellie said...

One wonders what Bucky did..and what he will do now.

Sara said...

Oh geez, Bucky seems horrible.

cady said...

I wonder how Keith will react.

Bucky's a great name. It makes me think of the cat from Get Fuzzy.

Chris Ed said...

Bucky is interesting name...
I´ve never heard this name before!