Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What about Spencer

"Maybe, you should move in with him." Ali smiled as if she liked the idea already.

Manny looked at her puzzled as if this was some other ploy she had in mind.

"I mean, you can see the baby, when ever you want. Its just, you know, can we trust this guy who's living with him?" She gave him more waffles.

It had been a bit of a frenzy when Benny called Todd about this, who then told Lucy, which lead to talk with Sarah then Casey and finally Cory. After all, Spencer did play keyboard in the band.

"Why me?" Manny gave her a look of disgust as he stirred his coffee. "What am I suppose to do? Act like I want Spencer?"

"If it would help." Ali shrugged. "This is so bad. We can't let Spencer have..something with this...Bucky. God, he just isn't thinking. He's never been the same since Gage left him."

"Gage?" Manny hadn't meant to forget. But everything was so set in stone with Sage now. "You know, he's gonna be a Dad."

"I know." Ali was all smiles about this as if they really were all family.

"I dunno what to do about Spencer. I'm..I'm not gay." He really didn't want to witness it anymore than he had too.

"Well, of course, you're not." Ali gave him a perturbed look as she warmed his coffee. "You have to find Spence someone else, or get him to figure out that this Bucky is only using him."

Manny rolled his eyes. She had to be kidding him. No way would Spencer ever listen to him. He certainly wasn't going to flirt with him. Manny went back to his waffles. Maybe Em would know what to do.


ellie said...

Oh, Manny. I feel for him, being put on the spot.

meg said...

Sometimes, you can't change your friends. They have their own path to follow.

Manny needs to find his own happiness.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Manny - so much discomfort right now. :/

Sara said...

Kind of a baffling situation for Manny.

MOSAMUSE said...

its ashame that he had to defend himself like that.


Chris Ed said...

I feel sorry for Manny!