Wednesday, October 31, 2012

trick or treat

"Fergie?" Sage thought she was in the kitchen. But there was no one there. She thought she'd heard voices. Like, Fergie was speaking to someone. Maybe.

She heard the trick or treaters back on the porch. She went to join Gage who was in his pirate outfit. She was more of a barmaid winch, in her peasant top outfit.

Of course, Gage gave them a scare with his Arrrr...Matey routine and Captain hook hand. He gave them their fill of candy and soon they were off.

"Did you see Fergie go anywhere?" Sage asked when it was calm again, but another wave of little ones hit in their Spiderman outfits and Avenger's attire.

"I haven't seen her...since..since Trev left for work." Gage shrugged.

"You don't think she would have gone to work with him, do you?" Sage winced in concern as she went to call Trevor. She'd hate to lose Fergie. Especially, on Halloween.

"Hey." Finally she reached Trevor. "Is Fergie with you?"

"Why would Fergie be with me?" Trevor winced hard. "You know how much she hates the grocery store." He held his cell up to his ear, carried his price gun in the other. He clicked at the cans of chicken noodle soup. Just in time for flu and cold season, he guessed. "She's not at home?"

He clicked off his phone and went back to slashing prices with a vengeance. He needed to think.

"Simon." Trevor was certain of it. They were up to something. He knew he couldn't trust her. She thought he was plain boring. Stubborn, he guessed. But if anyone was stubborn, it was Fergie.

Unfortunately, she wasn't making this transition easy for him. He knew what she was expecting. He was suppose to be adoring her at every turn. Taking her shopping. Buying her whatever she wanted at the mall.

Trevor was definitely not in that league. Could Simon do that? Buy her love?

Trever gritted hard as if this made him so angry. He called Sage back. "Call me, if she comes home." But he was beginning to wonder if she would.


ellie said...

I feel bad for Trevor.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Trevor. :(

Sara said...

I hope she turns up :(

MOSAMUSE said...

poor trever.. now hes doubting himself

ellie's desk said...

Its hard being the boyfriend, sometimes.

Chris Ed said...

I feel sorry for Trever!