Friday, November 2, 2012

here and back

Fergie couldn't say anything.

This was the last place she expected to be. Home. Well, what used to be home. Of course, her room was her mother's room now. She had her computer in one corner. Her sewing table in the other. Her bed wasn't even there.

Fergie thought she might pass out. How could they have done this to her?

Even worse, all her grade school pictures were packed away. Now her mother had a gallery of some of  her paint by number paintings up. Fergie thought she might be sick.

Of course, her mother was just as sullen. Fergie guessed this was where she got it from. Her mother could have married an officer in the Navy. She thought of those stories how her mother talked about how he was a hero of some sort, saving her in the Philippines, but she'd married a Korean that worked at the Casino, last minute.

Fergie's father was short and was actually a chef. He never played at the Casino. He worked at the big buffet. Of course, every Friday he'd spring for Lotto. Naturally, he hadn't won yet.

She knew her mother was disappointed in her. She wanted her to have good grades, receive scholarships. Yes, she wanted Fergie to be smart. But she'd dismissed this as soon as Fergie got pregnant. Fergie saw how her mother looked at her as if she were still pregnant.

"What do you want?" Her mother's words were so cold.

Fergie was misty eyed as she shrugged, thinking how in the world had she missed this place? She obviously didn't belong here.

But she heard her father's foot-steps from the basement. He was watching a game in his domain.

"Fergie!" It sounds so foreign, as if he might be ready to throw ninja stars.

He looked heavier and older. Fergie couldn't help but notice. She swallowed back tears as he greeted her with a hug.

Immediately, he ordered her mother to bring tea. She did as she was told.

Fergie, couldn't help but smile. Her Dad always treated her as if she were golden. He thanked Simon for bringing her. They all set down in the dining room.

He told her he wanted to know everything.

"Do you get to see the baby?" He asked.

She shook her head, no. Why did he ask?


Chris Ed said...

She has so many thought right now, but being home is always the best!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Such an unsettling question. :/

Sara said...

Well at least her father is there for her.

ellie said...

God, I keep thinking of Daisy that I'm writing about..sorry!

I mean Fergie.

MOSAMUSE said...

lol @ throw ninja stars
its ashame her mom is so cold :(