Tuesday, November 20, 2012

all together now

Benny let Keith go on his merry way at the party. He stayed back with Declan and River. They were all holding glasses of wine. Oh, how Benny wished he'd chosen the white wine. Why did he ever go for red?

It was strong and not to his liking. Benny was a beer man. If he were going to drink. However, as of late, he didn't really drink alcohol, anymore. He just couldn't. There was Hunter to tend too. And hadn't he been drunk when he kissed Spencer?

When Benny looked up, there was Noah. Benny had to look twice. He brought a date.  Benny couldn't help but watch Noah with the young guy. He looked like someone from One Direction.

"Do you think he'd legal?" Benny couldn't help but judge. He didn't mean too.

"I don't think he's that young." Declan guessed with a wince.

"Have you seen who's been at Spencer's?" Benny asked. He tried to sip the bitter wine. He felt underdressed in his beige cordory blazer and cheap tan slacks. He didn't even wear a tie. Damn, if River didn't shine in his purple bow tie and Declan looked just as flattering even if his was more ordinary black. They looked like a couple.

"No, I haven't seen Spencer in ages." Declan shrugged as he looked down at his wine, examining it for perhaps spiders, by the way he squinted.

"He's got somebody new. He's moved on. I guess." Benny shrugged as he kept finding the curly haired fellow that Noah brought. They were rather chummy in the crowd. "Its just, I dunno if he's..you know, a good option. I  can't believe Spencer would go for someone like Bucky." Benny sighed.

"Bucky?" Declan chuckled. Benny didn't know Declan could laugh so goofy. Maybe he was a little drunk.

Benny chuckled too. It was like a good joke, but this Bucky was the guy that Spencer was living with.


Sara said...

I am not a fan of red wine yet either, :P I wonder what they are going to do about Bucky?

caitlin and megan said...

Noah and Spencer are definitely moving on.

MOSAMUSE said...

i wonder what is going to happen next!


Chris Ed said...

I am not the biggest wine fan. But I prefer white rather than red.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Bucky looks like he's going to be the source of turmoil. :/