Wednesday, November 28, 2012

when it comes a knocking

Keith hated to admit it, but he really enjoyed hob-nobbing with the faculty on campus. He supposed there would be more parties to attend.

Interesting how someone asked if he knew of anyone he could put in a good word for, who might know anything about the sound system at the theater in the drama building.

He was sure they had people that majored in that around here, but it seemed most were moving on to bigger and better things. So he acted like he was thinking and only one name came to mind.

"I hope you won't be mad." Keith finally thought of the situation he'd been put in, a few days later when he saw Sage at the grocery store. "But I dropped your name. You know, you and the sound checks and what not. They are looking for someone, and they'd pay."

"I dunno." She looked tired in her bright blue grocery store polo shirt. She already donned Santa's hat as if she were ready for the holidays. "Its been awhile." She said she'd worked at a University some time ago when she was going to college.

"And you never finished?" Keith was surprised. He hadn't thought of Sage as the Academic type, really.

"I got on as a roadie, and I," she sighed. "Didn't go back."

"Well, I bet you could impress them with your resume." Keith said ever so clever. "You should apply."

She kind of laughed. He knew she wasn't taking him, seriously. Yet he knew she could do better, than be a cashier at a grocery store.

"Look, I only have a few days left before I have to head back teaching. I'd be happy to help you get something together." Keith didn't want her to ignore this opportunity.

"But you're really busy with the baby." She shook her head, no. She rang him up, and he gave her his debit card. "Thanks, anyway." At least she was nice about it. He supposed they were more like family than he wanted admit.


meg said...

Who is being nicer? Good to see Keith wanting to do something nice.

Gianella Peralta said...

She should give it a try!

MOSAMUSE said...

i agree...she should try! nice post
btw... how did the competition go?

Cafe Fashionista said...

She needs to take a chance! :)

Sara Gerard said...

Aw, I hope she thinks on it, that was nice of him!