Friday, November 30, 2012

I want to be a cheerleader

"How are you really feeling?" Gage at least had Sage out of her sneakers and on the couch. He decided to rub her feet, but she made a face as if he had no idea what he was in for, but he went on to say. "Now be honest?"

She was on her feet a lot. That couldn't be good, he thought.

"Not bad." But she looked as if she might fall asleep on it as she said those very words. He gave her hot little feet a rub. Maybe they did need to dosed with baby lotion. He knew she needed to be pampered.

"My clothes feel tight." She finally admitted with a sigh, as she rubbed her stomach.

"But they don't look tight to me." He meant it too.

"That's just what wanted to hear." She closed her eyes and yawned.

"Maybe, maybe you need to quit and stay home." He then said.

That work her up. She shot a look at him, as if he had to be kidding.

True, the place was still falling apart. There were three bathrooms and something was wrong with each one of them. No hot water for the bathtub. One of the commodes was just not up to code in another, and now the one that did work, was leaky.

"Keith wants me to apply at the University." She told him about the job in tech at the theater.

"And?" He wanted to know more. He pressed his thumbs on the pads of her feet. She yawned once more as if he might put her to sleep.

"I dunno. I just can't see myself starting a new job there, when..when everything is so nice and neat at work." She shrugged.

"Nice and neat?" He winced. "What are you talking about? You take extra hours. You come in on your days off."

"Its just. You know, I'm used to ..everything..there." She explained. "And, and if I stick around, I could be a supervisor sooner or later."

"I'd try the University, if I were you." He couldn't guarantee she'd be off her feet, but at least he figured the insurance would definitely be better. "Look, you're always telling me, to go for it. Now its time for you to go for it."


Sara Gerard said...

Yay! That's what she needs, the extra push!

Chris Ed said...

She reallly need a motivation and extra push! sorry for the late response

Cafe Fashionista said...

It's nice that he's being so supportive! :)