Saturday, December 22, 2012

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Ezra was getting a little nervous, but Gage showed up and so did Casey to be a part of his posse.

"Hope you, don't mind," Casey said as he patted Ezra on the back. "There was no time for a bachelor party." He was in a black tux and Gage was too.

"Maybe we'll have this down to a science by the time I walk down the isle." Gage grinned as if he was ready to do this if Ezra was. Ezra felt he was in a movie and he was the main character.

Then sirens warned in the distance as if it this was some sort of wake up call. Then they subsided as if this was part of a normal day.

"Is it snowing? Ezra winced as he looked as best he could from the salon window.

"Yeap," Gage said. "Looks like a white wedding."

Ezra gritted a smile. The wedding music started and they proceeded in their places. Soon enough Sarah made her entrance. Lucy followed in a rose colored lacy dress.

Finally, Todd timidly started his little speech how friends and family were here to celebrate the marriage of Ezra and Sarah.

Of course, Ezra really wasn't listening because all he could see and think about was how beautiful Sarah looked and how happy he felt to be here at this moment with her. He felt honored to know her and to have her in his life. He couldn't stop smiling. He didn't even want to try to stop. All he could do was stare at her and hoped he remembered his vows.

And then Todd said, "Is there anyone here who objects to this union?"

"I object." A voice was heard. Ezra looked out over the crowd. He couldn't imagine who it could be, because it was definitely not his mother's voice.

"Seriously?" Todd winced.

Ezra held on to Sarah's hand. She did not look well. Instead, she looked quite disgusted.

"Craig? What are you doing here?" Todd's voice carried more, as he fumed about.

"Its Christmas." Craig looked at him blankly as if that had to mean something.

Ezra sighed as he nursed his bottom lip. He knew of Craig, but he'd never met him.

"Well, its too late. Craig. I don't care if you, object." Todd eyeballed him, as mean and arrogant as he could. "You've been out of the picture for a good long while, you know. And this is my first wedding-" Todd was trying to explain as he cleared his throat. "Anyway, I'm marrying these two. They are a family, and..and it needs to be official." He went on with the ceremony as if Craig wasn't even there.

Craig kept his arms crossed, but he didn't say anything, but he was not happy.

Ezra grinned then. He'd often wondered what really happened in cases like this at a wedding. Of course, he'd never heard of objections. They went through the short vows. Ezra was thankful, he didn't have pass out nor have a seizure.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Awww...Ezra is so adorable right now! :)

Sara Gerard said...

Of course Craig would! Erza is so happy though! Love it!

ellie said...

I'm glad Todd told his brother off.

Chris Ed said...

I like Erza, the new blog look is cool!

caitlin and megan said...

I gotta wonder what's next??