Monday, December 24, 2012

This Christmas

Sarah grabbed on to Ezra. She'd never let him go. The thought of seeing Craig made her physically ill. She felt dizzy. Still she hated Craig so much. They couldn't hurry through the vows quick enough. Thank God, they'd kept them simple. Nothing unusual nor a lyric of a love song. She definitely knew Ezra was devoted to her and she hoped he knew that she was here for him. Always.

"You'll always be Jake's father in my heart," Sarah whispered in Ezra's ear before he could kiss her after the 'I Do's'.

Ezra only smiled. She wasn't sure he was even listened, but maybe he told her everything she wanted to know in a kiss. Sarah was so happy, yet she was overtaken by emotion. She couldn't stop crying, but she kissed Ezra's face leaving red lipstick kisses all over his face. He kept grinning as if this was the best moment.

They hurried down the isle to nowhere. Spencer still played a tune as soon as he simmered down with his "Last Christmas" tune, Declan announced "Pizza for every one and fried chicken too!" He had a buffet ready to go in the backroom. River was there to help out along with a few other people from the grocery store.

Sarah couldn't stop smiling. Everyone kept shaking their hand or giving them a hug along with a few dollar bills. Honestly, she didn't know where they'd put it. Seriously, she hadn't expected so many people giving them something at their wedding. They hadn't even sent out invitations. It was by word or mouth.

Soon enough, her mother was there with Jake who wiggled into Sarah's arms. He was in his red overall with a candy striped long sleeve tee underneath. They were perfect for pictures, and many got out their cameras and snapped away, including Sarah's father.

After awhile her father was taking pictures of everyone in the wedding. One of her and Casey. As the crowd thinned out, there was Craig as if he were waiting patiently for his turn. Sarah glared at him not even wanting to speak nor let him touch Jake.

"He's come along way to see his son, Sarah," Ezra said ever so softly. "Don't do this to Jake." Ezra's voice cracked as if knew personally, waiting for a day like this, himself. "He needs to get to know his father."

Sarah's throat ached. She wasn't sure she could let Craig know Jake. Not after all he'd put her through, but she handed him over.

Of course, Craig hadn't a clue what to do with an almost toddler. Jake went straight for his nose and pinched him. It was as if Craig was in disbelief.

She could see the marvel in Craig's eyes, as if he'd been waiting for this moment for a very long time.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Maybe Craig's not such a bad guy after all. :/

Sara Gerard said...

That was big of Ezra.

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