Wednesday, January 23, 2013

a piece of my mind

"He's gone, right?" Sarah took her chances bringing Jake over to Lucy's. And to think she might have  Craig taking care of the baby while she and Lucy were out thrifting.

"Well, he's not here." Lucy shrugged.

"Great!" It was like a heavy burden finally lifted. She knew he wouldn't stick around. That was the Craig she knew.

"He hasn't exactly left. He moved in at Cory's. Taking Manny's old spot in the basement." Lucy sighed as she went to brew some tea so they could have chat and let the babies get settle.

"Oh." Suddenly, she felt as if she were a flat tire with her enthusiasm. "Why would Craig do that?" Cory didn't know Craig. Craig hated all her friends, as far as she was concerned.

"Maybe he wants to be close to family." Lucy shrugged once more as she poured the tea. She had chocolate covered strawberries waiting to be devoured.

"Family?" Sarah rolled her eyes at that. That was a joke, Sarah thought, but she went for a strawberry so she wouldn't have to fume about her ex.

"You know he wants to see Jake." Lucy looked at Sarah as if she needed to give him a chance.

"Has he even called or been to our place?" Sarah informed Lucy that he hadn't exactly made a move yet about wanting to see Jake.

"Well, he's..he's trying. He is. He doesn't want to be a fuss." Lucy winced as she sipped her lemoned tea and bit into a short bread.

"How can you be on his side?" Sarah couldn't help but scowl.

"I dunno." Lucy set there in thought in her flowey vintage dress with the very pale flower print. She looked kind of sad. "He's different this time. Really, he is."

Sarah shook her head, no. No way did she trust Craig. She never would.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Maybe Sarah just needs to give him a chance. :/

Sara Gerard said...

I would be the same way!

ellie said...

I can understand why she feels that way.

mazzymay said...

I would be wary of him.

MOSAMUSE said...

i dunno about Craig

Chris Ed said...

I would feel the same and won´t trust him!