Monday, January 21, 2013

hello goodbye

"You know, we'll miss you, right?" Todd hoped Craig didn't think that he hated him. "We gotta keep in touch, OK?"

Todd watched Craig stuff all his underwear and jeans in his duffel bag. The room was back to just a bed for guests now.

Craig only nodded. He didn't make any effort to talk.

"You know, I thought there was a time I might never ever see you, again." Todd stared at his brother in his flannel shirt and faded jeans. He didn't look nearly as impressive as Todd once remembered. Craig was one who had to have the best of everything.

"Look, I did want to know, how, how everybody was doing. You. The baby. Lucy." Craig told him.

"So, maybe, you'll come over, ever so often for supper. How about Sunday night dinner?" Todd shrugged.

"Sure. You sure, you won't be busy?" Craig grinned then, reminding Todd of how busy his weekends would be with weddings.

"Right, I might ..should check my calender." Todd decided.

"Yeah, I'm sure we'll figure it out." Craig seemed laid back about it.

"So how are things down at Fantasies?" Todd wondered if Craig was getting the hang of it.

"You know, kind of a one man show. I'm kind of getting the hang of roasting wieners. They hadn't put that in the job description. Its just a gas station." He shrugged.

"You might want to open your own food truck, after this gig." Todd grinned.

Craig rolled his eyes, gave Todd a slap on the shoulder. Todd knew that was the closest thing to a hug he was getting from his brother.


ellie said...

Wish they were closer. I have a feeling Craig doesn't know how.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Craig is really starting to grow on me. :)

Caitlin and Megan said...

I hope Craig has changed.

Chris Ed said...

It would be nice if they can be closer!
kisses chris