Saturday, January 19, 2013

such a sensation

Allie was feeling a twinge uncomfortable in Craig's presence. It was kind of like the feeling she got when she had to interview a so called celebrity at work. That was a rare occasion. But she always had to go to the bathroom at the thought of having to make conversation. It was the fear that she might be too comfortable and perhaps pass gas when least expected.

What ever it was, it got the best of nerves. She hated these situations. One second, she thought of Craig as the most gorgeous human being, and the next, the idea of hating him because of it. Naturally, she never said a word to him at dinner.

She kept waiting for an excuse, he might have about the basement. Didn't he deserve better?

She needed to some how stay calm. Yet there was her little one to tend too. But Craig took to the baby. He talked to her.

Allie felt herself squirm. Then suddenly Cory took her hand as if he was going to tell the world they were getting married. Well, that didn't happen.

She'd decided some time a go. It wouldn't. They'd talked about it last summer, but nothing came of it. She was fine with it. So what if they didn't get hitched. But he held her hand. Told Craig, he didn't know what he was missing when it came to Allie's short order cooking.

"I don't do breakfast." She said barely above a breath. As it was, she had to be at the radio station early in the mornings. Around six. Just what she needed, Cory telling Craig she'd make him anything he wanted. All Craig had to do was ask.

She was beginning to look at Cory in a new light. Not that she was jealous, thinking of Cory finding someone new. He was taking her for granted. And she didn't like it. But she remained even lipped.  As she stared at her food. She hadn't even touched her plate.

Maybe it was sign. A very good sign. She wasn't hungry around Craig.


Cafe Fashionista said...

It seems that someone may be crushing on Craig. :)

ellie said...

Poor Allie.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, You've done an incredible job. I certainly get it.

I hope Allie gets through this with Craig around.

Very interesting characters

MOSAMUSE said...

aaww sweet crush... but she should still eat :)