Thursday, January 31, 2013

its a plan

River did his best to show his brother and family about. Of course, Noah got mixed in to it, some of the time. Phoenix wanted to visit with him. River guessed he understood. Maybe Noah was Phoenix's best friend. Still, he didn't get why they were here, yet he didn't dare ask, either.

"We wanted to know if, if you'd be up to taking care of Caity, if anything were to happen to us." His brother finally got down to the business of the trip. "Of course, I missed you, and I've been thinking how it would be, you know, you're not exactly a kid, anymore. And I haven't had to take care of you, for a good long while now."

River meekly smiled as if he didn't want anything to ever happen to Phoenix. Especially, something bad.

They were alone now. No, Noah to laugh with. They were back in River's little space at the French department, where he could talk to students, if they were to have any problems in class. His computer was there. It was his desk. And he had a photo of Phoenix and his family along with a picture of himself and Declan.

"You see, Jeanette's mum is very ill. She wants to go to her. But she'd have to go to Paris, and she doesn't really need for us to tag along. She thinks its best if we stay with you." Phoenix told him the plan then.

"You and Caity?" River finally woke up to what his brother was asking. "I dunno. I-I guess." He shrugged. "But, I'd need to talk it over with Declan. You, see, it is his house."

For the first time, River never thought his family would be coming to him. But here they were. He smiled. It just didn't seem possible.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm so happy for River right now! :)

ellie said...

Definitely, a big change for these two.

MOSAMUSE said...

im very excited for him! this is big!

Sara Gerard said...

Awww, things are looking up for River.